Refrigerant Check Valve

The check valve is a general concept, as long as the valve meets the characteristics of one-way flow can be called a check valve.

Therefore it also has various names, such as non-return valve, reflux valve, retention valve, etc. You can see more explanation here.

This article introduces you to the types of check valves used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Products include air conditioning check valves, diaphragm check valves, steel ball check valves, float check valves. Read more below.

What is Refrigerant Check Valves?

Refrigerant Check Valve

The refrigerant check valve is a part of controlling the flow direction of refrigerants in the refrigeration system.

The refrigerant check valve’s main function is to prevent the reduction of cooling efficiency of the system when the compressor stops work.

Because when the compressor stops working, the high temperature and high-pressure steam inside of the compressor flow back to the evaporator.

The check valve will make the temperature of the evaporator increase, that’s how it causes the low cooling efficiency of the system.

The magnetic check valve can help you to avoid this situation very well. When you install the refrigeration check valve in the system.

It will rapidly balance the high pressure and low pressure inside of the compressor when the compressor stops working.

When the pressure reaches balance, then the refrigerants won’t flow until the air conditioning or the refrigeration unit restarts.

The refrigerant check valve is mostly used for large size and medium size refrigeration units and air conditioning equipment.

There are nine check valve models, including Float Series Refrigeration Check Valve, NRV, NRVH Refrigeration Check Valve, 3122 Refrigeration Check Valve, 3142 Refrigeration Check Valve. Please Click to See More Type Check Valve.

What is Air Conditioner Check Valve?

Air Conditioner Check Valve

The air conditioner check valve also belongs to the refrigeration check valve, and the other name is the air conditioner service valve, of course, there are many types.

The valve shown in the figure is one of the valves commonly used in split-type air conditioners.

The main function is to connect the outdoor unit and the indoor unit to close or open the refrigerant circuit.

Not only that, when the air conditioner is first installed or repaired to replace the refrigerant, the air conditioner one-way valve also plays a role in vacuuming or charging the refrigerant.

You can check the video learn about the structure of the air conditioning service valve here!

How Does the Steel Ball Check Valve Works?

How the Steel Ball Check Valve Works

In our traditional check valve field, the steel ball structure is widely used.

This means we usually use steel balls as the valve core and use welding, flare, or flange connection to seal.

In the refrigeration system, you can only install the steel ball check valve vertically, this is inconvenient at the time of installation

At the same time, the flow resistance of refrigerants is huge.

Steel balls check valve core doesn’t have the function to close itself automatically when the refrigerant consumption is becoming very large.

This will affect the whole refrigeration system’s performance.

With the development of the refrigeration field, people have high requirements for energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental.

So it is very necessary to design a refrigeration check valve that is more flexible for installation, higher for efficiency, to replace the traditional steel ball structure refrigeration check valve.

That’s how the magnetic check valve came into being.

How Does the Magnetic Check Valve Work?

How the Magnetic Check Valve Works

Let me explain the main parts for the refrigeration check valve first:

1. Inlet 2. Valve body 3. Filter 4. Valve seat 5. Magnetic stripe 6. Diaphragm 7. Starting point 8. Guide rod 9. Endpoint 10. Diaphragm base

Magnetic check valve adopts Interference Fit and Riveting Process to connect 4 valves set.

The diaphragm is made of stainless steel and is magnetic.

When assembling the refrigeration check valve.

6 diaphragms are attracted by 5 magnetic strips.

And at the position of 7 starting points.

6 diaphragms and 4 valve seats are sealed by line contact, and the valve is closed.

When using, welding the refrigerant check valve to the refrigeration system, ensure match the whole system.

When it works, the refrigerant enters the check valve body through the inlet, flows to the 3 filter screen, and rushes to the diaphragm.

This force will make the diaphragm defeat the pressure coming from the magnetic stripe.

The diaphragm moves to endpoint 9. The valve opens, the refrigeration system starts work.

When the valve needs to be closed, which means the refrigerant pressure of the inlet is smaller than the pressure from the magnetic stripe.

the diaphragm will move to 7 starting points, the valve closes and the refrigeration system stop working.

What are the Features of Magnetic Check Valve?

What are the Features of Magnetic Check Valve

The magnetic check valve is the functional part for controlling the refrigerant flow direction in the refrigeration system.

It solves the problems mentioned above, including fixed installation angel, big flow resistance, without self-closing function.

The magnetic check valve is consists of a check valve body, check the valve seat, and the diaphragm.

The diaphragm is equipped with a guide device, the check valve seat is connected with the self-priming mechanism that can make sure the diaphragm closes automatically.

This self-priming mechanism is a magnetic stripe.

The guide device is composed of a diaphragm seat and 3 or more guide rods, the guide rods are protruding from the diaphragm seat.

It won’t be affected by the installation angle, and the valve has an excellent closing performance.

With the self-priming mechanism, it makes the valves close automatically and is not affected by the relationship between the reverse pressure and installation angel.

We adopt the line sealing between the diaphragm and check valve seat, ensuring zero leaking for refrigerant in the reverse direction.

In a word, the refrigeration check valve helps to reduce the flow resistance, makes the installation more flexible, optimizes the refrigeration space, to provides a better environment for variants of the layout of the refrigeration equipment.

What are the Advantages of Miracle Check Valve?

What are the Advantages of Miracle Check Valve

The refrigeration check valve uses the stainless steel filter screen in the inlet end of the valve seat.

It will remove the impurities in the refrigerants in the refrigeration system, filtering refrigerants will improve the reliability of the system.

Check valve body uses copper tube material and rolling at both ends, the valve seat uses brass, guide rod uses non-magnetic aluminum material, this all ensure the longer life of refrigeration check valve.

The refrigeration check valve guide rod has a coating that makes it has a hardness above 400-1200HV.

Although there is friction between the diaphragm and the guide rod when it moves in the axial direction, because of the high hardness of the guide rod, the wear loss is greatly reduced.

It will avoid the powder objects sticking to the surface of the diaphragm because of the heavy wear and improve the working efficiency of the refrigeration system.

Miracle Refrigerant Check Valve Technical Parameter​



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