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8 years’ experience in supplying different types of oil separators.

We provide you ISO and CE certificates for oil separators.

As the best refrigeration supplier and HVAC wholesale in China, We can do customized oil separators for your project.

Refrigeration Oil Separator

Miracle Refrigeration Oil Separator

Miracle has traditional AW series refrigeration oil separator, AF series demountable oil separator, and Helical oil separator to meet your requirements.

At the same time, we have a professional R&D team to customize the special oil separator for your refrigeration system, such as helical oil separator with flange, helical oil separator with oil reservoir, external oil separator for screw compressor, etc.

With 8 years of experience in manufacturing and designing refrigeration systems for customers from all over the world, we have the ability to provide the perfect and high-efficiency oil separator for you.

AW Series Oil Separator

AW Series Oil Separator

AW series oil separator is our traditional sealed type oil separator, it is similar to Emerson brand oil separator, it can 100% replace Emerson oil separator, no matter for the function or for the price.

This type of oil separator mainly consists of the valve holder, valve pin, float ball, and position pin.

Speaking of the main parts, let me explain a little about “How does the oil separator work?’’

After the refrigerating oil and refrigerant mixture come out from the outlet of the compressor, it enters into the oil separator from the inlet.

When it enters, it will go through a filter and baffle, then the clean oil will drop down to the bottom of the oil separator and the gas refrigerant come out from the outlet.

In the bottom of the oil separator, there is a float ball and needle valve, when the oil is much enough in the bottom to reach the settled line, the valve will open to let the oil return to the compressor because the pressure in the oil separator is higher than the crankcase, the oil will rapidly return to the compressor.

When the oil level drops, the valve will close to prevent the refrigerants to come back to the compressor.

We adopt the high-quality needle valve and float ball to ensure the high efficiency for oil separation and oil return, make sure no oil return when the valve close, no block when the valve is open.

The oil separator is commonly applied to the supermarket and air conditioning systems, other long refrigeration systems, oil return requirement systems,

Ultra-low temperature refrigeration system,and other HCFC, HFCS systems.

AW series oil separator is designed for connection size from 3/8’’ to 2 1/8’’ ODF. The working pressure is 33BAR, but our test pressure is 48 BAR, it is suitable for all the common refrigerants, such as R22, R134, R404, R507, and so on. If you need for R410 system, just let us know in advance.

AF Series Oil Separator

AF Series Oil Separator

AF series oil separator is a demountable type oil separator, some customers like to call it a flange type oil separator because it has a demountable flange on the top.

It has the same function as the AW series oil separator, the difference is for the sealing way, AW is a completely sealed oil separator, AF is screwed with the flange which can be unscrewed.

You can choose the most suitable type of oil separator for yourself or contact us for professional suggestions.

Oil Separator Function :

Separate the oil from the hot refrigerants.

Protect the compressor, prevent the compressor’s lack of oil.

Prevent the oil block to decrease the efficiency of the refrigeration system.


Steel oil return system to ensure good performance.

Reliable needle valve to control the oil return flexible.

Good spray-coated technology to prevent rust.

Customized connector type and size, volume according to your request.

Helical Oil Separator

Helical Oil Separator

Helical Oil Separator

The helical oil separator is a spiral rotation and high-efficiency oil separator, it separates the refrigerating oil and refrigerants by Centrifugal force caused by spiral rotation.

It can separate the refrigerating oil and refrigerants most effectively, It can achieve 99% efficiency as long as you choose the most suitable oil separator for your system.

It is designed for screw and piston compressors and has a very good performance, but not as good as screw or rotary compressors.

Miracle has different types of helical oil separators, includes the helical oil separator with flange, with oil reservoir.

For detailed specifications, please kindly download our E-catalogue and check, or contact us directly, we will provide you the professional suggestions for choosing the most suitable oil separators for your system.

Why do We Need an Oil Separator for the Refrigeration System?

Application of oil separator in refrigeration system

Please see the oil separator function in the following:

When the compressor is operating, during the discharge outlet of the compressor, the refrigerants normally take out some refrigerating oil, sometimes if the quantity for refrigerating oil is too much, the oil can’t be returned back to the compressor, which will be harmful to the compressor.

For preventing the great loss of refrigerating oil for compressor, and for preventing the refrigerating oil flow into the refrigeration system because it will affect the heat dissipation of condenser and the cooling function of the evaporator, so it is very necessary to install an oil separator between the compressor and condenser.

Its main function is to separate the refrigerants and refrigerating oil and let the refrigerating oil can go back to the crankcase automatically, ensure the compressor won’t be lack refrigerating oil, then it will achieve the best cooling function.

The oil return device is controlled by the float ball valve, the float ball is installed at the bottom of the oil separator, the whole oil return is completed by the high and low-pressure difference principle.

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