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What is the Miracle lokring training course? And what does the Miracle Ring training course bring you?

Follow this article to learn about the Miracle Ring training and hope it can have a good impact on your business.

Lokring is one of the parts of the solder-free connection method, which is widely used for air conditioning installation and refrigerator repair.

Miracle ring training includes using instructions for manual propress tools, FRK press tools, and electrical propress tools.

We use videos and pictures to explain the use of Miracle rings.

As well as the considerations and application scenarios of the Miracle Ring.

We believe this will be the best lokring technology course. Now, let me show you how to use it.

Miracle Ring Video Courses

Manual Propress Tool

Related Tool “30w Manual Propress Tool

This lokring training course mainly introduces the use of the Manual Propress Tool.

You can see the connection of the Manual Propress Tool to the copper tube and aluminum tube in the course.

It can be divided into three steps.

The first step is to choose the appropriate lokring according to the pipe material.

The aluminum lokring is used in the lokring training course.

In the second step, insert the lokring into the pipe that needs to be connected, and mark the pipe with a marker.

In the third step, drop the sealing liquid and rotate the lokring first to allow the sealing liquid to fill the gap.

In the last step, Use a manual pressing tool to crimp them together.

There are several types of propress tools for different applications, find the most suitable one for you, and learn how to use it, believe me, it will be a surprise for your business.

View more information on dissimilar piping connections.


1. Rotate the lokring when adding sealing liquid.

2. Before the pipe is crimped, check whether the lokring is consistent with the marking line, and make sure that the lokring is installed in place and the cramping starts.

3. During the crimping process, pay attention to observe whether the lokring is crimped in place and stop the crimping work in time after crimping to prevent damage to the lokring.

FRK Refrigeration Tool

Related FRK Refrigeration Tool “Refrigerator Repair Tools”.

In this video, we show you how FRK refrigeration tools can repair your refrigerator.

Especially the connection of refrigerator capillary tube and refrigerator filter drier.

FRK refrigeration tool is our patented product that is especially used for refrigerator and freezer maintenance work, which is very small and light.

It has an outstanding advantage for operating in narrow spaces.

In the video, you can see the use of lokring in narrow positions such as the suction port and exhaust port of the compressor and the capillary tube.

Firstly, cut the pipes that need to be repaired with a pipe cutter, then use a trimming knife to remove the burrs of the end of the pipe to make sure the pipe is round and smooth, which will ensure reliable sealing for the refrigeration system.

Then drop the sealing liquid on the pipes that need to be connected, rotate the lokring, let the sealing liquid fill the gaps and small scratches on the pipe, and finally use the refrigeration tool for crimping.

As you can see, Miracle FRK tool is easier to operate in a narrow space, and the other tools in the market can not do that well.

According to our real user experience and feelings and developed this kind of refrigeration tool.

It will effectively solve the inconvenience of refrigerator and freezer maintenance.

For more information please check “How to Use FRK Propress Tool“.


1. When connecting the capillary, pay attention to the shrinkage of the capillary.

At the same time, the connection part of the capillary tube should be maintained vertically, not directly crimped bent capillary tube.

2. Check whether the lokring is installed in the right place before crimping.

Electric Hydraulic Tool

This video shows the composition and working process of the Miracle electric hydraulic tool.

Miracle electric hydraulic tool consists of 4 pairs of clamp heads(Max size to 1 1/8 for now), two rechargeable battery packs, and a charger.

In the video, you can see that the electro-hydraulic tool can change the plier head very easily.

This tool was developed mainly for more effortless operation and it is ideal for long crimping times.

The electric hydraulic tool crimps in the same way as the manual crimping tool.

For more details, please contact us now.

We will select the crimping tool that is well-suited to your business model.


1. If the electric tool is not used for a long time, please separate the battery from the tool body.

2. If the tool is not used for a long time, please charge the battery once every six months.

3. Please make sure the place keeps the tool dry.

4. For the new press tool, please charge the battery first to ensure the battery has enough power.

5. When the battery of the press tool sends out a reminder of a lack of power, be sure to replace the battery and charge it in time.

Production Equipment

Related products: production equipment, single ring.

The single ring is a new revolution for your refrigeration appliance production.

Miracle makes a video during our customer’s factory, to show you how to use a single ring on their refrigerator production line without welding.

As you can see, you will need hydraulic clamp equipment with suitable sizes of clamp heads, the sizes need to match the pipe sizes of your refrigerators.

Put the single ring on it, and after filling the sealing liquid, in just one second, a connection is made.

It’s an unbelievable speed, and will greatly increase your production efficiency.

It will avoid fire or high-temperature damage for welding, very safe and economical.

Furthermore, it’s quite easy to operate, few practices to use it very well even just for a fresh worker.


The diameter and thickness of the tubing for refrigeration appliances are different.

So in order to perfectly match your production, we need a sample of your connection tube.

This way we can have accurate measurement data.

And provide the best matching single ring for your refrigeration appliance production.

How Miracle Ring Work?

How Miracle Ring Works

In order to make the lokring course easier to understand, you need to know how it works.

Lokring connection is a pipe cold extrusion technology.

Cold extrusion refers to the elastic or plastic deformation of the same material and multiple materials under the action of external force.

This plastic deformation continues throughout the entire service life of the locking ring.

Therefore the solidity and sealing of the pipe connection do not change and are valid for as long as the life of the pipe.

This is incomparable to welding.

Moreover, welding also has the risk of metal corrosion and a high leakage rate.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to improve and ensure the quality of the connection at the joint.

In conclusion, after adopting the locking technology, the refrigerant leakage rate of refrigerators is reduced from one-thousandth to less than one ten-thousandth.

And it also has the advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, safety, easy automation, and cost reduction.

Miracle Ring Image Courses

Manual Propress Tool

How to use 25 series propress tool

Read more: How to use Manual Propress Tool.

FRK Manual Propress Tool

How to Use FRK Propress Tool

Read more: How to Use FRK Propress Tool.

Single Ring

How to use Single Ring

Detailed Steps for Single Ring Crimping

First Step

First Step

Prepare the pipeline to be pressed and select the corresponding specifications of the copper press fittings, pre-treat the connecting pipe (expanding or necking the connection to fit well with the lokring single ring ).

Then clean the pipe end to make sure it is flat, with no burrs, this will increase the risk of leaking in the future.

Second Step

Second Step

Put the copper press fittings on the pipes that have a small diameter, and it needs to be inserted into the connection pipes that have a big diameter.

and then insert the small diameter pipe into the big diameter pipe, please pay attention to inserting the pipe at the end.

You can shake them a little, up and down, left and right, and make sure they connect in the right place.

Third Step

Third Step

After the two pipes are socketed, drop the sealing liquid on the gap of the two connection pipes, let the liquid fill in the gap, and the scratch on the pipes.

You can turn around the pipes to let the sealing liquid fill very well.

Fourth Step

Fourth Step

After the sealing fluid seeps into the gap between the two tubes completely, push the Lokring single ring to the end, and do the same thing to shake the pipes to make sure they connect to the perfect position.

Fifth Step

Fifth Step

Plug the pipe to be pressed into the hydraulic pliers, press the red button, the pliers close inward, and push the quick closing ring forward with even speed and big crimping force.

Sixth Step

Sixth Step

Finally, the pipe pressing forms and the connection is finished.

Without fire, without high temperature, no skills required, few seconds, all done.

Need More Service? Miracle is Ready

First of all, we are a factory with independent R&D and production management capabilities, so we can give you more information.

Secondly, we have a lot of operating experience in the domestic market and abroad, which met a lot of actual problems, which may be an advantage for solving your problems quickly.

Thirdly, our products are well developed and can deal with all kinds of pipe connection problems.

As you saw in the above courses, we have lokring tools and lokring fittings for refrigerator repair, air conditioning installation, production line, water pipe installation;

Besides, we also can supply you with refrigeration fittings, and other HVAC Tools.

Those tools can solve almost all your problems in the pipeline installation and maintenance process.

Finally, our lokring training courses are free, if you need, contact us, we can provide you with free installation instructions.

And we also have a service team in Asia, if you need it, we can introduce them and you can learn from them face to face.

Contact Miracle team today.

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