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1 What is Lokring Technology?

What is Lokring Technology?

If you run in business related to refrigerators there are many Security risks like fire and Dangerous gas.

If you are looking for a new way to alternative traditional welding.

If you are a manager, not only can you get out of trouble, but you can also improve your efficiency.

Miracle has the solution!

With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, countries have now clearly stated that fewer carbon emissions will be reduced. Traditional refrigerants will be phased out.

New R32 and R290 refrigerants will soon replace traditional refrigerants, but new refrigerants are It is easy to burn and explode in a fire, which will put forward higher requirements for welding and higher costs.

Working in an environment with flammable and explosive gas, people will bear greater risks.

Now, you should consider your business model. New connection methods will inevitably replace traditional welding.

What is Lokring Technology?

Lokring technology was first applied to the connection of aircraft fuel pipelines. After this technology had been developed and upgraded, it gradually began to be used by civilians.

Lokring technology is a new type of pipeline connection technology that can realize the interconnection between the pipelines of various materials.

Moreover, no fire, no poisonous, or hazardous gases are used, no smoke or dust is generated during the pipe connection process, no harm to the environment, and more user-friendly.

After more than ten years of hard work, Miracle has cooperated with brands such as LG, Gree, Daikin, Hisense, etc., and has achieved gratifying results in the fields of air conditioning engineering installation, refrigerator after-sales maintenance, and refrigerator production line.

Miracle believes that lokring technology and lokring refrigeration will help you to take your career to the next level.

Lokring Refrigeration includes a manual propress tool, lokring tool, plumbing press tool, and lokring fittings. Among them, the manual propress tool is suitable for pipe diameters between 5/16 and 1 1/8 inches, and the lokring tool is suitable for pipe diameters, not over 8mm.

Of course, there is also a more labor-saving plumbing press tool to choose from.

Where Use Lokring Technology?

Lokring Technology for AC

This video shows how to use lokring technology to crimp air-conditioning pipes safely and efficiently. In the video, you can see that one person can easily complete the lokring installation of pipes.

In some places where labor is more expensive, you can use the lokring refrigeration tool Connect the pipeline by yourself which is also a good solution, and Miracle provides you with a complete lokring installation service. You can connect the pipeline DIY, saving expensive labor costs.

If you need lokring installation instructions or have other questions, please contact us directly.

Lokring Technology for Refrigerator

In this video, we introduced the application of refrigeration tools in refrigerator repairs. The starting point for the development of Refrigeration tools is to solve the problem of installation and repair in scenarios with insufficient space. You can see that the Refrigeration Tool can operate easily in a narrow space.

Lokring technology can deal with confined spaces well, and there are no special ventilation requirements, especially when the capillary is repaired or replaced in the refrigerator repair process, the method of crimping is directly used, and there is no high-temperature damage to the refrigerator’s electronic components, and no heavy and big equipment like the welding equipment, it can avoid the capillary burn-through and blockage caused by welding and improve the service life of the refrigerator and improve your after-sales service level.

Lokring Technology for Refrigerator Production Line

On the assembly line, do you have trouble with the increased failure rate of new employees during their induction?

Here we introduce the use of lokring technology in the refrigerator production line. When using traditional pipe welding methods, it is difficult for new employees to adapt to the work content in a short time and achieve good welding results.

Moreover, carrying out welding work in densely staffed places requires a lot of preparation for fire prevention operations and on-site fire prevention equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to reserve areas for storing flammable and explosive materials.

However, using the lokring refrigeration tool will not have these troubles, lokring the connection method of the refrigeration tool is very simple, a set of crimping equipment and staffing can complete all the work, and the production efficiency and quality of the refrigerator will be greatly improved.

Lokring Technology for Water Pipe

Lokring Technology for Water Pipe

Lokring technology is also suitable for solar water pipeline connection, building water supply pipeline installation, floor heating pipeline installation, and other water pipe installations.

The use of lokring technology can save more time in complex waterway systems and make installation in corner areas more convenient.

Miracle is committed to the research and development of pipeline connection technology. Contact us and let us contribute to a safe connection together.

Lokring Technology for More Pipe

You may ask, which materials of pipes can be connected to lokring technology. Of course, we can do more.

It is difficult to connect different materials in traditional welding, but lokring technology can be easily achieved, and lokring technology can realize the connection of copper and copper pipes, the connection of copper and iron pipes, the connection between copper and aluminum pipes, and the connection between aluminum and iron pipes and other connection methods to maximize your business.

If you have tubes of other materials, we can also customize your own lokring technology.

For more, please contact us.

Lokring Technology for More Pipe

How Lokring Technology Works

The two metal round pipes are inserted into the outer jacket, and the gap between the two pipes is filled with a special sealing liquid for lokring refrigeration.

The lokring refrigeration tool pushes the lokring forward, forcing the connecting part of the pipeline to produce elastic deformation and tightly fit.

The sealing liquid fills and seals the fine gaps and scratches between the inner and outer pipes, and the centripetal force generated by the lokring and locks the connection parts, to achieve a complete sealing and tight connection.

How Lokring Technology Works

Lokring Refrigeration Process

The lokring refrigeration processing technology is the same as that of Vulkan, which is formed by lathe processing.

Advantage 1: Lathe processing does not need to choose soft materials and bars with higher mechanical properties can be used.

Compared with peer pressure forming, lathe processing and forming do not have to consider the influence of stress rebound, deformation, and other factors on the structure size after forming;

Advantage 2: The raw material selected by lokring refrigeration has higher mechanical properties. The outward deformation of Lokring caused by the supporting force of the connecting pipe after crimping is negligible, ensuring that the pipe size after crimping is closer to the theoretical deformation.

Advantage 3: lokring refrigeration processing is non-mold forming, and the most suitable specification and size can be designed according to the connecting pipe provided by you, and the sample delivery time is guaranteed and the verification cycle is shortened.

When your connecting pipe specification changes, the Lokring inner hole size can also be quickly changed according to the latest pipe diameter size.

Lokring Refrigeration Process

Experimental Verification​

Miracle always puts the interests of customers first, Miracle believes that only when your business develops well, Miracle grow.

Therefore, Miracel attaches great importance to the reliability of the products at the beginning, and we have conducted more demanding experiments on the products.

Blasting test: send copper lokring refrigeration and aluminum lokring refrigeration for inspection, and fill the pipeline with pressure. When the pressure reaches 33.8Mpa, the pipeline ruptures, but the lokring Refrigeration connection is intact and there is no leakage.

Cold and hot alternating test: sent for inspection of copper lokring refrigeration and aluminum lokring refrigeration, high temperature 130°C, low temperature -40°C, test cycle 4H, after the cold and heat alternating test, the lokring refrigeration connection has no leakage and no deformation.

Actually, the temperature it can stand can be lower and higher, but the laboratory only does that.

Salt spray test: send copper lokring refrigeration and aluminum lokring refrigeration for inspection, The test temperature is 35°C, the PH value is 6.7~7.2, and the duration is 500h, after the test, an airtightness test is performed on the sample, and the result is no leakage.

Vibration test: sent copper lokring refrigeration and aluminum lokring refrigeration for inspection, the vibration frequency is 50 times per second, and the number of vibrations is 100,000 times. The test is over, and the sample has no leakage.

A large number of tests have verified the reliability of our products and at the same time ensured the quality of the products.

In addition, we will check every lokring before leaving the factory to ensure that the products delivered to you are all fine products. For more test content and product information, please contact us directly.

Lokring Technology Cost VS Welding Cost

Quality Cost

Welding Cost

1. Flame welding leakage rate: 400ppm.

2. In the traditional flame welding method, an oxide layer will be formed on the outer surface of the pipe.

The corrosive gas in the air will accelerate the perforation of the outer surface and cause leakage. The inner surface of the pipe may fall off the oxide scale and cause the pipeline to block.

3. Welding quality is greatly affected by the welder’s operating level and physical condition, and the product quality stability cannot be guaranteed.

Lokring Technology Cost

1. Lokring technology connection leakage rate: 80ppm.

2. Solder-free connection, no oxidation layer on the pipe surface, to ensure the service life of the system pipeline, and the lokring refrigeration is the same as the pipeline life, completely eradicating the micro-leakage, gradual leakage, and other defects that occur after you use it.

3. Lokring technology mainly relies on equipment crimping to realize pipeline connection, which greatly reduces the influence of human factors on pipeline sealing.

Process Cost

Welding Cost

1. The traditional welding process requires resistance welding of a section of copper pipe at the end of the aluminum pipe, which increases the number of solder joints and high leakage risks.

2. Welding between pipes of different materials requires different welding methods (resistance welding, high-silver welding, high-frequency welding), which is complex and affects production efficiency.

3. The tensile strength and fatigue strength of resistance welding joints are low. At the same time, there is no simple and practical non-destructive testing method for testing indicators such as penetration rate and defective fusion rate, so it cannot be promoted to high-quality occasions.

Lokring Technology Cost

1. A lokring connection point can eliminate a resistance welding point and a section of the copper pipe and a refrigerator can reduce at least two welding points, which reduces the leakage rate of the product in disguise.

2. Lokring technology is easy to operate, the connection points are beautiful, no painting and anti-rust processes after welding are required, which simplifies the working procedure and ensures the efficiency of the assembly line.

3. It has a huge advantage in the connection between metal pipes of different materials (copper-aluminum, steel-aluminum), ensuring the effective implementation of cost-reducing projects such as replacing copper pipes with aluminum pipes.

Lokring Technology Cost VS Welding Cost

Equipment Cost

Welding Cost

1. Welding requires a lot of equipment investment, resistance welding machine, welding torch, oxygen pipe, and also need to lay energy pipelines and build ventilation pipes.

2. The cost of equipment maintenance and pipeline maintenance is high every year, and it is easy to cause a long-term shutdown when equipment fails.

Lokring Technology Cost

1. desktop crimping equipment can realize the expansion pre-installation of the connecting pipe, which can guarantee the supply of at least two production lines.

A two-channel pump station equipment can ensure the crimping operation of two adjacent stations.

2. The equipment failure rate is low, and the key crimping components are easy to replace and maintain.

The hydraulic handle can be kept in place to ensure the orderly operation of the assembly line.

Labor Costs

Welding Cost

1. Proficient welding technology is difficult to develop in a short time, it takes more time and cost to train employees.

In China, we normally train a welding worker for 3 years on average, and costs at least 30,000RMB, not to mention that the welding worker is easy to lose.

2. Skilled welders have higher wages and even skilled welders take longer to complete a solder joint than lokring crimping, and the faster the welding action, the more difficult it is to guarantee the quality.

Lokring Technology Cost

1. Only need simple training for operators to operate equipment crimping, let’s say,1-3 days, you can have a good skillful worker.

2. Equipment crimping avoids human quality factors and has high-quality stability. The crimping speed can be guaranteed after the skilled operation to ensure production efficiency.

Safety Cost

Welding Cost

1. Under the action of high temperatures and strong ultraviolet rays generated by welding, a large number of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides will be produced, which directly endanger the health of welding workers.

2. Most of the refrigerants mixed with air will form an explosive mixture, and there is a risk of combustion and explosion in case of fire.

It is difficult to ensure the safety of welders during the process of filling and sealing, rework, and welding.

Lokring Technology Cost

1. There is no need for fire, no harmful gas and smoke are produced, and the health of employees is protected.

2. Fire-free welding, effectively avoiding the explosive and flammable characteristics of refrigerants such as R290, ensuring personnel safety, and improving the working environment.

How Use Lokring Technology Make Money

First of all, you must first understand your market situation, and at the same time, you must consider where to find your own customers. What kind of people are your customers?

Where Can Find Lokring Refrigeration Tool Customers?

Air-conditioning Engineering Installation

Air-conditioning engineering installation requires a lokring refrigeration tool. Find air-conditioning contractor companies, introduce a lokring refrigeration business, and let them use it at a preferential price.

Or you can contact an air conditioner dealer as a breakthrough. In short, you need to understand the market.

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repair requires a lokring refrigeration tool, find a refrigerator repair business, discuss the requirements and difficulty of the refrigerator in capillary repair, and introduce the advantages of lokring refrigeration, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of capillary connection, and even people without professional training can easily connect,

And then use relatively reasonable prices to promote your business, of course, it depends on whether your interests are consistent.

Water Pipe Connection

Water pipe connection requires a lokring refrigeration tool. You can establish a cooperative relationship with water pipe sellers, especially for domestic water use.

What will you do when water pipes enter some narrow indoor areas and are difficult to operate? Most people will say, That’s too difficult to install. Yes, the lokring refrigeration tool can solve this problem well, and the lokring refrigeration tool only needs a light press to achieve an easy connection.

Refrigerator Manufacturers

Refrigerator manufacturers need a lokring refrigeration tool. Refrigerator production is still a labor-intensive industry. How dangerous is the use of fire for welding in places with many people and full of dangerous gases?

So what happens if you use the lokring refrigeration tool, which reduces the risk of fire welding, saves labor costs, and more efficiently connects pipes? You can watch this video to see how they can easily achieve the operation.

How Use Lokring Technology Make Money


How to Make Money with Lokring Technology

For Dealers

Most people think that a good quality air conditioner is the main factor to ensure a good refrigeration effect, that’s right, But the installation of an air conditioner is also important.

There is a saying in the field of household and commercial central air conditioner installation called “three points of equipment, seven points of installation “It can be seen that the quality of the later installation of air-conditioning directly determines the quality of the entire refrigeration system.

At present, an obvious feature of the domestic air-conditioning installation market is that air-conditioning distributors are only responsible for the sales of air-conditioning. The air-conditioning sales process only accounts for 30% of the entire air-conditioning process. What about the remaining 70%?

Of course, the remaining 70% is after-sales. After you sell the air conditioner, you may find an air conditioner installation team on the market to help you complete the air conditioner installation.

But how do you control the quality of after-sales installation of air conditioners? Maybe you have also thought about setting up your own after-sales team, but because of funds and other reasons, you can’t have your own after-sales team, OK, lokring technology is your opportunity.

How to find the right people to form your team?

You must have your ideas. According to Miracle’s experience, you are looking for people who have experience in air-conditioning installation but have not obtained a welding technology license, or young people who have not done air-conditioning installation but want to engage in the air-conditioning installation business.

Why look for young people who have not been engaged in air conditioning installation?

Why look for inexperienced young people

Miracle considers the following points:

1. The lokring technology is simple to use, easy to learn, and has a low failure rate. Young people have more motivation and better learning ability to start their businesses.

2. Those who have work experience in the field of air-conditioning installation and have a senior technician certificate can get high remuneration in the field of welding.

When lokring technology enters the market, it will replace part of the senior welding technicians, and at the same time reduce the salary level of the senior welding technicians.

Therefore, when they are allowed to engage in the solder-free connection business, they will resist and think that the solder-free connection technology may instead of their jobs, it is opposite to the solder-free connection technology, but for the company or enterprise founder, the solder-free connection technology will be a good way to reduce costs.

How to retain team members?

According to the actual situation of your market, you should have your answer. If you are a central air-conditioning distributor, you can try to replace welding with a non-fire connection, and you can test the installation efficiency of welding and lokring technology.

I believe the comparison between the installation efficiency of the no-welding connection and the installation efficiency of welding will be very obvious.

First, the solder-free connection can protect your installers from dangerous gases.

Second, it can improve the efficiency of after-sales service, save your time, and save your customers’ time.

Third, you can train your own after-sales team to take the initiative to accept other air-conditioning installation projects when your business is not busy, so as to further increase your income and increase the income of the after-sales team.

If you are interested or have other questions, you can contact us directly. We believe that our large number of cases can well promote your business success.

How to Make Money with Them

For Engineering Contractors

If you recently received a major project, congratulations, your business has been more successful. Engineering management has stricter requirements for quality.

How to manage every detail in a complicated engineering project? I think it is difficult. Of course, good project management can achieve 1+1 greater than 2 effects.

What if you can simplify the work content in the tedious work? Yes, Lokring technology can do this.

Now, let us look at what lokring technology can do for engineering contractors.

1. Streamline the team​

Are you troubled by not finding a suitable air-conditioning installer after receiving the project? Have you ever thought that one person can install the air-conditioning pipeline with a set of tools? Then you should learn about Miracle’s lokring technology.

In the traditional welding process of air-conditioning pipes, nitrogen, carbon dioxide shielding gas, welding machine, welding rod, and staffing of 4~5 people or more are needed.

Is it cumbersome? You can see how easily we install air conditioners. This video will let you know more.

The Lokring refrigeration tool uses fire-free connection technology to crimp and seal the pipeline, and only one person and one tool kit can be used to install the air-conditioning pipeline in the project. There is no fire in the welding process, no bulky carbon dioxide cylinders, nitrogen cylinders, etc., so it is flexible and lightweight.

The installation efficiency of Lokring refrigeration is 3~4 times that of ordinary welding.

2. Eliminates the need to apply for certificates of fire operation and dangerous goods carrying

Lokring technology does not use fire during the pipeline connection process, there is no fire hazard, and there is no need to apply for cumbersome open flame use certificates.

At the same time, there is no use of flammable and explosive materials, which greatly reduces the risk of engineering construction, improves the quality of the project, and increases your influence.

3.Open source and reduce expenditure

Open source: Lokring technology has no safety hazards and does not require open flame construction. To a certain extent, it can increase your bidding chips and have more opportunities to obtain engineering installation projects.

Using lokring technology to save labor costs, can reduce the use of senior welders, and use the reliability of tools to replace expensive labor.

lokring technology saves time when installing air-conditioning than traditional welding, shortens the engineering cycle, wins customers’ trust, increases corporate image, and increases your income. At the same time, it can better win engineering bids.


Lokring refrigeration has a longer service life than welding, which reduces post-maintenance, thereby reducing post-maintenance costs.

Using lokring technology to connect the pipes, the inside of the refrigeration system is cleaner, there is no welding slag, and the impurities in the entire refrigeration system are reduced, which can effectively protect the refrigeration unit and reduce the failure rate of the refrigeration unit.

Extend the service life of the expansion valve solenoid valve and other refrigeration valves, and avoid the loss of the unit shut down due to blockage of the refrigeration system.

Lokring Installation

Lokring Installation for Lokring Fitting

The installation of the lokring refrigeration fitting is very simple. The installation method of the Manual propress tool is introduced below.

First, measure the outer diameter of the pipe before the Lokring Installation, select the corresponding size of the lokring refrigeration according to the outer diameter of the pipe, and then use the pipe cutter to cut the Pipe, (note: when cutting the pipe, the pipe should be stuck between the roller and the blade of the pipe cutter, and with the axial rotation of the pipe cutter, the feed rate of the pipe cutter should be gradually increased).

After the pipe is disconnected, use a trimmer to deburr the inner wall of the pipe.

Lokring fittings are pre-installed after the pipe is cut and marked accordingly.

Use Sealing Liquid to smear the surface of the pipe while rotating the lokring refrigeration to fully seal the gap with the sealing liquid, thereby making the lokring installation firmer.

Finally, use the lokring refrigeration tool to crimp it into place to complete the lokring installation. Read More.

Lokring Installation for Lokring FittingLokring Installation for Single Ring

The installation method of a lokring single ring is similar to that of lokring fitting. The use scene of lokring single ring is the refrigerator production line.

At present, a lokring single ring is mainly used in scenes where the outer diameter of the pipe is relatively small and the installation speed is high.

The installation of the Lokring single ring is simpler, which further simplifies the installation method and is suitable for use on the production line.

First, select the appropriate Lokring equipment in the assembly line position. According to the production line production needs, equipped with different sizes of lokring refrigeration.

When using, the operator can hold the sealing liquid in one hand and the handle of the operating equipment in the other hand.

When the production line is opened, first apply the sealing liquid to the connection part, And then use the pneumatic clamp head to crimp, you can perform lokring installation work. Read More Detail.

Lokring Installation for Single RingWhy Miracle

Choosing the right supplier is particularly important for you. Miracle has been committed to product research and development for more than 10 years. Shortly, we will launch a larger size lokring refrigeration to fill the gap in the market.

Miracle believes that only first-class product quality will win success. Always take the interests of customers as the starting point and end of our work.

Choose us and work together with Miracle to contribute to each other’s wisdom in the refrigeration industry. Promote the refrigeration industry in a more efficient and safer direction.


Miracle is committed to the advancement of safety in the refrigeration industry. The fire-free connection is a kind of connection that does not use hazardous materials, smoke, or dangerous nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

The connection method eliminates the danger from the source, ensures the safety of construction, and improves the construction work environment.


Lokring technology adopts the cold connection method to connect the pipes. There is no influence of heat during welding, and the pipes will not be deformed or bent. At the same time, there is no blackening of the pipes after welding, and the corrosion resistance will be better.

The Lokring refrigeration tool can also be operated in fire-prohibited work areas without site restrictions. The lokring technology will not leak even when high and low-temperature changes or when operating in oil, water, and other work areas, and the product quality remains the same.


Because lokring technology does not use fire, it does not require heavy equipment such as gas cylinders or welding machines, and there is no need to reserve space for storing gas cylinders. Moreover, the quality of the lokring refrigeration has been determined at the beginning of the design, so it does not take too long to train the installation workers to start their jobs.

The installation of various types of pipelines such as air conditioners can be realized with the least training time and the least cost. In addition, the simple and efficient installation and operation can shorten the engineering cycle to the greatest extent.

Adaptability in narrow spaces

The design of lokring technology is compact and light. When in use, the lokring refrigeration tool can almost adapt to all small spaces. At the same time, the lokring refrigeration tool can be connected to a pipe with a minimum of 1.8mm, which greatly improves the usability of the tool.

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