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Miracle supply different types of refrigerant liquid receivers to worldwide customers for more than 8 years.

Miracle has approved ISO and CE certificates for the liquid receiver, we ensure the reliable quality liquid receiver for you.

Miracle has a lot of experience doing customized refrigerant liquid receivers for your project.

Standard Refrigeration Vertical Liquid Receiver

Miracle standard-style refrigeration liquid receivers are available in both vertical and horizontal versions. In addition to the standard receivers, we have a wider variety of reservoirs for you to choose from. For example, air conditioning system receiver, Bitzer type liquid receiver, Emerson type liquid receiver, etc. Contact us now.

Vertical Refrigeration Liquid Receiver

A vertical refrigeration liquid receiver is a liquid receiver that need to be installed vertically in the refrigeration system. We can provide you with welded and threaded refrigerant liquid receivers, which makes it more reliable and popular. Send your inquiry now!

Horizontal Refrigeration Liquid Receiver

A horizontal refrigerant liquid receiver is the type of liquid receiver that needs to be installed horizontally. It is mainly used to store the liquid refrigerant that will be supplied to the evaporator, when you do the repairing work, the liquid receiver can store all the refrigerants for the whole refrigeration system. When you choose the liquid receiver, you need to consider the refrigerant volume for the system and choose the matched one to ensure good performance for cooling function.

Refrigerant Liquid Receiver Valve

The main function of the reservoir valve is to stop the liquid from entering the refrigeration system and protect the compressor of the HVAC&R system. Miracle can provide you with many forms of reservoir valves, such as a rotalock valve, copper liquid reservoir valve, stainless steel liquid reservoir valve. For more types, please contact us today.

The refrigerant liquid receiver is a great helper for your HVAC units, we know that point very well, so we prepare many types of refrigerant liquid receivers for your various types of condensing units.

For example, the 1L-21L vertical refrigerant liquid receiver can be used for the Hermetic condensing unit, Embraco condensing unit, Scroll condensing unit, and Bitzer Condensing unit;

The horizontal refrigerant liquid receiver has a big volume that is used for big power semi-hermetic condensing units, screw condensing units.

For more selection methods of liquid receiver for AC unit, refrigerator unit, and cold room unit, please contact Miracle technical team right now!

Refrigerant Liquid Receiver and Condensing Units

Miracle production team has a mature inspection process to guarantee every process can be finished with standard demand.

From raw material purchasing to the final packing, every production process has its own operating instructions and there are inspectors to inspect every detail, and there is a traceability system for them, so every worker will be more responsible for their working of liquid receivers.

Miracle has its own experienced R&D team, they will keep on improving the production technology, improve the operation instructions for every production process, also provide technical support to customers, including custom liquid receivers.

With their effort, now we have got ISO and CE certificates, which can greatly guarantee the liquid receiver quality for you.

Refrigerant Liquid Receiver Quality Assurance

When you have needs for refrigerant liquid receivers, you must also have demanded other refrigeration parts, especially when you are providing service for condensing units or you are the wholesaler for HVAC&R parts. We have prepared everything for you.

All parts for condensing units, such as various brands compressors, Secop, Embraco, Bitzer, Danfoss, Copeland.

Such as refrigeration valves, including solenoid valve, rotalock valve, ball valve, check valve, air conditioner valve, etc.

Miracle one-stop shopping aims to save your time, save your money and lower the risk with new suppliers, and arrange the best shipment for you.

What are you waiting for? Send us your order now, you won’t lose anything, on the contrary, you will have more time to enjoy your life from now on.

Refrigerant Liquid Receiver One Stop Shopping

Why Do You Need a Refrigerant Liquid Receiver for the HVAC&R System?

Why Do You Need a Refrigerant Liquid Receiver for the HVAC&R System

The high pressure and high-temperature refrigerant become liquid or gas refrigerants after the condensing by the condenser.

But it has to be liquid refrigerants to enter the evaporator, that can make sure a good cooling function, that’s why you need a refrigerant liquid receiver.

It will reserve the high-pressure refrigerants, then send the liquid refrigerants to the evaporator from the bottom of the refrigerant liquid receiver.

This can make sure the function of the evaporator reaches its limit.

Then achieve a good cooling function for the whole system.

Miracle refrigerant liquid receiver has a very wide application.

Such as refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, air conditioner systems, semi-hermetic condensing units, chillers, cold storage condensing units, freezer condensing units, etc.

Mainly for food, vegetable, fruit, seafood, and meat storage field, medical area, supermarket, hotel,s and other fields that need cold storage.

Application of Refrigerant Liquid Receiver in Refrigeration System

Application of Refrigerant Liquid Receiver in Refrigeration System

The refrigerant liquid receiver is installed between the condenser and expansion valve, it has the main functions in the following:

It can be the compensation for the condenser when the pressure change causes the refrigerant volume to change.

When the refrigerant volume is not enough because of the evaporation capacity increasing, the liquid receiver will compensation the refrigerant volume for the system.

Of course, when the evaporation capacity is decreasing, the extra refrigerant will be stored in the refrigerant liquid receiver to protect the compressor.

As the extra device, the refrigerant liquid receiver can help to separate the gas refrigerant and liquid refrigerant, ensuring the pure liquid refrigerant comes out from the liquid receiver.

As the sealing device for the high-pressure side and low-pressure side, it prevents the high gas refrigerant and No-coagulant gas enter the low-pressure side.

At the same time, it has the filter and muffler function in the system.

Refrigerant Liquid Receiver Features

Refrigerant Liquid Receiver Features

VLRD refrigerant vertical liquid receiver features:

The body adopts stainless steel structure design, which has a longer life.

The refrigerant liquid receiver body weld on the middle of the body, which has fewer welding spots and has better and reliable sealing.

The outlet of liquid refrigerant uses the shut-off valve, the inlet of liquid refrigerant use a welding connection.

The installation angle has no limit for the shut-off valve, you can also choose a sight glass for your liquid receiver.

For ensuring the best performance, it’s better to install the liquid receiver vertically.

We use ODF for standard connection, if you have special demands, please let us know in advance.

We provide customized refrigerant liquid receivers for vertical types from 1L to 21L.

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VLRC refrigerant vertical liquid receiver features:

VLRC refrigerant vertical liquid receiver features

VLRC liquid receiver is a two sides welding type refrigeration liquid receiver, it also has to be installed vertically.

Refrigeration liquid receiver has an important role for compressor, it’s consists of Body, inlet, outlet, and screen, etc.

It is mounted on the suction tube area of the evaporator and compressor for the air conditioning system.

For preventing the liquid refrigerant flow into the compressor.

That will cause the liquid hitting situation and damage the compressor, with a refrigeration liquid receiver will solve that problem very well.

It is very similar to VLRD type refrigeration liquid receiver, the difference is for the welding positionVLRD welds in the middle of the refrigeration liquid receiver body.

VLRC welds on both sides of the liquid receiver.

This is related to some production processes, but won’t affect the use, just pick the type you like.


Standard refrigeration liquid receiver, we use ODF inlet and equip a rotalock valve on the outlet.

We do not equip the safety valve and sight glass for the standard liquid receiver.

We do customized liquid receivers for your refrigeration equipment.

Working pressure 33BAR, testing pressure 48BAR.

It is suitable for all the common refrigerants, such as R22, R507C, R134a, R407c.

If your system is filled with R410 refrigerant.

Please inform us in advance and we design a suitable liquid receiver for you.

Horizontal refrigerant vertical liquid receiver features:

Horizontal refrigerant vertical liquid receiver features

For best operating, make sure to install the refrigerant liquid receiver horizontally.

It is suitable for HFC,HCFC,CFC refrigerants.

We equip the rotalock valve with standard parts, if you need sight glass or a safety valve, please let us know.

Good corrosion-resistant powder coating for the whole body, make sure it can be used in any environment and has a long life.

We can do a customized horizontal refrigerant liquid receiver from 1L to 40L.

HLR refrigerant vertical liquid receiver features:

HLR Horizontal refrigerant liquid receiver is similar to HLRD series refrigerant liquid receiver.

It should be installed horizontally for better performance.

The difference is HLR has the bracket on the body to leave the space to install the compressor, which is more convenient for customers for their installation of condensing units.


Rotalock valve is standard parts, but sight glass is optional.

The liquid level sensor is an optional part, we use imported brands.

With brackets for compressor installation easily

Stainless steel body make sure its long life and better pressure affordability.

Suitable for all the common refrigerants, please inform us in advance if your system uses R410 refrigerants.

We do customized refrigerant liquid receivers from 30L to 100L, any special requirements.

We can also customize vertical and horizontal refrigerant liquid receivers for big volumes for different applications, even more than 200L, if you need, just contact our engineer team for special design.

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