HVAC Technician Tools List

Basic Technician Tools

Basic Technician Tools

Basic HVAC tools can also be called essential HVAC tools. This is because these tools are essential in the HVAC installation and repair process.

For example, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.

In addition, not all tools are portable, so we have prepared more portable HVAC technician tools for you, such as Miracle no welding connection tool, HVAC kit, etc.

With a no-welding connection kit, you will not need to carry any bulky fire welding equipment.

In the guide you will learn about:

Basic Technician Tools

No Welding Connection Tools

Specialized tools

HVAC Safety Tools

1. VRV/VRF Installation Tools(Miracle Braze-free tool)

If you are into the installation of VFR/VRV air conditioners, then our fireless connection tool is the first thing you need to use.

It has the advantages of efficient construction, safety, and reliability.

You can view more details about the Miracle lokring tool here.

2. Utility Knife

Utility Knife

The main function of the tool knife is to cut the product packing tape. Without this tool you will be very difficult to unpack, this tool is very common.

Therefore, you can buy in many places, for example, hardware and tool stores.

3. Hammer


This is a must-have tool, but it doesn’t need to be too big, the key is just to make it easy to carry.

You can learn more about the types of hammers and how to use them here.

4. Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

A drill that can be carried around is also necessary.

When choosing a drill, you should consider the voltage of the drill, the capacity of the battery, the type of drill bit, etc.

You can learn how to choose a cordless drill.

5. Level


The main purpose of Level is to help you precisely install drain pumps, fan coils, and other products.

Therefore, you should choose a level with magnetism when choosing a level. Because many products of HVAC equipment are iron casing, the level with magnetic can be better fixed.

6. Hexagonal Wrench Set

Hexagonal Wrench Set

Hexagonal wrench sets are available for different types of screw applications. The regular hexagonal wrench set is a nine-piece set with a size range of 1.5mm-10mm.

7. Service Wrench

Service Wrench

The service wrench includes an adjustable wrench, pipe wrenches. an adjustable wrench is also called an adjustable spanner.

An adjustable wrench is mainly used for fastening screws, the advantage of this wrench is that the size of the opening can be adjusted according to the size of the screw.

So when you choose one, you need to consider the maximum size of the wrench opening.

Pipe wrenches are mainly used for the repair of metal water pipes and gas pipes. The size of the opening needs to be considered when selecting.

You can get more details from home depot or buy in bulk from Alibaba.

You can also learn more about the wrench buying guidelines here.

8. Fuse Puller

Fuse Puller

When HVAC electrical equipment is not working properly, the first step is that you need to check if the fuse is blown first.

Therefore, you need a suitable fuse puller to facilitate your inspection.

9. Screwdriver


A full set of screwdrivers is essential to help you open the case of the machine that needs to be repaired on any occasion.

Your screwdriver list should have the two common types of Phillips and flat mouth.

See more types of screwdrivers.

Also, consider the screwdriver handle insulation rating.

There is a wide variety of pliers, the most common ones for HVAC are needle nose pliers, wire stripping pliers, and electrical pliers.

If you often repair pressure hoses, you will also need snap ring pliers.

Here you can view more types of pliers.

10. Pipe Cutter

Pipe Cutter

The cutter is used to cut metal pipes, such as copper pipes, aluminum pipes, etc.

A deburring tool is also used to trim the edges of the pipe after it has been cut.

You can see more types of cutters here.

11. Manual Pipe Bender

Manual Pipe Bender

Manual pipe bender is mainly used for air conditioning system pipe bending.

Therefore, you should choose the bender set, because a set of benders can meet the bending of 8 different diameter pipes.

This is necessary when installing central air conditioning.

You can learn more about the types of pipe benders here.

12. Sheet Metal Shears

Sheet Metal Shears

When installing ventilation ducts, HVAC technicians need to cut and trim the sheet metal shears to meet the installation needs.

Not only that, but this tool can also dig holes in the ventilation ducts.

Sheet metal shears are available in both manual and electric sizes, with a large price difference, we recommend the manual style.

You can learn more about how sheet metal shears work.

13. Pipe Caliper

Pipe Caliper

Maybe you will have questions you already have a micrometer, still, need to pipe caliper?

The answer is that it depends on your needs, if your requirements for accuracy are very high, then a micrometer is more suitable for you.

But micrometers are more expensive and require high environmental requirements.

Pipe caliper is more competitive in price and easy to operate.

14. Extension Cords

Extension Cords

When HVAC technicians are working, sometimes the power source is far away from you.

Therefore, this is when you need extension cords to meet the needs of an electric HVAC tool.

The power of HVAC tools is usually small, so household wire sizes are fine.

But pay attention to the length of the wire, 15m is the right length.

15. Tape Measure

Tape Measure

A tape measure is the most commonly used, and perhaps you are already using it.

You can prepare an extra one because the tape measure is often forgotten in a corner and can not be found.

We recommend that you choose a magnetic tape measure as a backup. Because when you measure alone or confined space measurement, that will be very helpful.

For individual purchases, you can order directly from AMAZON, for bulk purchases you can contact us or find a suitable supplier in Made In China.

16. Flashlight


When you choose a flashlight, we recommend choosing the rechargeable type.

This is because it has the advantages of long illumination time, high reliability, and small size. A flashlight can solve your HVAC problems in the dark.

17. Marking Pen

Marking Pen

A marker is an HVAC basic tool to keep on hand, and you can use it anywhere. For example, when you tighten the bolts, use the marking pen to mark them to prevent loosening.

If you need to buy a marking pen in bulk, you can seek us to get help or you can also get suppliers on Alibaba or made in china.

Advanced HVAC and Air Conditioning Tools

In addition to the 32 tools HVAC technicians need, we offer advanced air conditioning tools that make it easier for you and your team when it comes to air conditioning installation projects.

18. HVAC No Welding Connection Tool

The HVAC no-solder connection tool is designed for HVAC piping connections.

It can realize the connection of copper and copper pipe, copper and steel pipe, copper and aluminum pipe, copper and titanium pipe, copper and stainless steel pipe, aluminum and stainless steel pipe, etc.

This tool is easy to use, efficient, safe, and reliable. You can check his reliability here.

For more piping connection options, please contact us now.

19. Electric Hydraulic Tools

Electric Hydraulic Tools

The electric hydraulic tool is also a no-weld connection tool, which uses electric propulsion for more energy-efficient use.

You can view a video on the use of electro-hydraulic tools here.

20. Copper Press-fitting

Copper press fitting is a fireless connection ring, the connection between metal pipelines is realized by this product.

Miracle copper press fitting can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning, water system connection, heat pump system, solar system, hospital oxygen piping, transport refrigeration piping, etc. For more application details, contact us now.

21. Insulated Copper Pipe

Insulated Copper Pipe

Insulated copper pipe is also called air conditioning connection pipe, this product is mainly used in VRV, VRF system.

The main function of insulated copper pipe is to realize the branching of central air conditioning piping with copper Y joint.

Specialized Tools

The range of specialized tools is so broad that it is difficult to meet the practical needs of every HVAC technician.

We have prepared for you the common HVAC tools that can be used for HVAC units and HVAC piping. Start your learning now.

22. Handheld Digital Thermometer

Handheld Digital Thermometer

The Handheld digital thermometer is used to measure the exhaust temperature of your HVAC system, which can help you detect potential risks and resolve HVAC system failures in a timely manner.

23. Radiator Fin Straightener

Radiator Fin Straightener

During HVAC repairs, you may find that the fins of your outdoor unit are bent out of shape.

You can use a radiator fin straightener to smooth out the misshapen fins, which will ensure the heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator or condenser.

You can see how to use a radiator fin straightener video here.

24. Core Removal

Core Removal

Core removal can help you easily replace your repair spool.

You can see how to use the core removal video here.

25. Manifold Gauges

Manifold Gauges

Core removal can help you easily replace your repair spool.

You can see how to use core removal here.

Manifold gauge is used to check the pressure of the HVAC system and to change the refrigerant.

You can learn more here, digital manifold gauge, single manifold gauge, hvac adapter, charging hose.

26. Filter Puller

Filter Puller

The purpose of the filter puller is to give you a holding point when you change the filter.

It depends on your job. If you are not in the business of changing filters in your HVAC system, then you don’t need a filter puller.

27. Caulking Gun

Caulking Gun

A caulking gun is used with caulk, it is a tool for extruding caulk. It is mainly used to fill the gaps in ventilation ducts.

28. Thermal Imaging Tools

Thermal Imaging Tools

When you are checking for leaks, thermal imaging tools is your best helper, it can detect leaks not only in HVAC outdoor units but also in HVAC lines.

In short, it works very well.

You can check the magic video of thermal imaging tools here.

29. Flushing Solvent

Flushing Solvent

Flushing solvent is to help you clean the line, but it is not a necessity, you can also clean the line in other ways. For example, wet towels. Anyway, it depends on your needs.

30. Leak Detector

Leak Detector

The main purpose of the leak detector is to detect refrigerant leaks in the HVAC system.

There are many ways to detect refrigerant leaks, such as nitrogen holding pressure.

31. HVAC Vacuum Pump

HVAC Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is designed to achieve the rated vacuum level in the HVAC system. The vacuum pump is usually used with a manifold gauge.

Learn more about HVAC vacuum pumps.

32. Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Refrigerant Recovery Machine

A refrigerant recovery machine is used to recover refrigerants from refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

This is mainly used when servicing air conditioners.

Currently, there are many types of refrigerants used in air conditioning systems such as R22, R32, R410a, R134a, etc.

These types of refrigerants are more damaging to the atmosphere.

These types of refrigerants are more damaging to the atmosphere and therefore cannot be released directly into the atmosphere.

You can learn more about refrigerants here.

33. Refrigerant Charging Scale

Refrigerant Charging Scale

A refrigerant charging scale can be used for the installation and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

All types of air conditioners have a rated refrigerant charge.

Therefore, when charging an air conditioning system, you need to use the refrigerant charging scale to determine the refrigerant charge.

This is a necessary tool for refrigeration and air conditioning installation and servicing, if you are not engaged in refrigeration and air conditioning installation, you do not need the tool.

34. HVAC Software

There are many providers of HVAC software, each with different features, and for beginner HVAC techs, you need to learn more about what HVAC software can do for you.

You can refer to this article for more inspiration.

Of course, you can also calculate your HVAC data online here.

HVAC Safety Tools

HVAC safety tools protect you and your team from harm.

This is a very important point, especially for new HVAC technicians HVAC safety tools are very necessary.

This is because newcomers are not aware of the risks involved in the maintenance process.

35. Multimeter


A multimeter can help you troubleshoot circuits. It can also help you detect if the HVAC system circuit is charged.

36. Gloves


Safety cannot be ignored. You can save elsewhere, but when it comes to safety, please don’t do it. So, please always have gloves in your kit.

37. Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

This effectively protects your eyes from splashes. Be sure to use it.

38. Earplugs

Earplugs can effectively reduce the damage of noise to the ears.

You can see more about choosing earplugs here.

39. Shoes

A pair of anti-smashing, anti-spike shoes is necessary because there are too many sharp objects on the construction site.

Therefore you need a pair of comfortable labor protection shoes to protect your feet.

How to Get the Best HVAC Tools

If you need to source HVAC tools from China, then we are happy to help you.

Miracle can help you source any HVAC tool and HVAC tool kit you need in China.

Whether you are an HVAC technician, an HVAC wholesaler, or an HVAC engineer.

We can provide you with the best service and the best HVAC tool.

We look forward to working with you. Contact us now.

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