How to Join Copper Pipe and Steel Pipe

The connection of copper to copper and aluminum to aluminum is very easy, there are many ways to connect them.

But the connection between copper and steel pipe is not so simple.

Especially when the connection of copper and steel tubes is present in the application of refrigeration appliances.

Such as the connection of refrigerator compressor and condenser, the connection of condenser and evaporator, etc.


The video has explained in detail how to solder copper and steel pipes.

Therefore, we will only discuss the advantages and disadvantages of welding copper and steel pipes to help you to make your choice.

Soldering, the old method of connection, has a cost-effective advantage in any piping connection.

However, it has a high demand for the operator and it is basically impossible for a novice to weld directly.

In addition, welding requires very complex steps and the quality of the weld is influenced by environmental factors.

When steel pipes are used in refrigeration equipment, they are coated with galvanized coatings, and these coatings can also affect the reliability of the welding.

Above all these factors, will cause the situation that the welding between the copper pipe and iron pipe is easy to leak.



The solderless connection, obtained by Miracle after around 20 years of production experience, overcomes all the disadvantages of welding.

This type of connection does not use fire and does not produce damage to any pipes or systems.

It also has the advantages of high construction efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Moreover, Miracle ring can withstand bursting pressure of 30Mpa, which is not possible with the welding method.

Therefore, the no-weld method is the best solution for connecting pipes of different materials.

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What is the Application of Miracle Ring

Miracle rings can be used by refrigeration appliance manufacturers in addition to refrigeration appliance repair.

It provides a full range of fireless connection solutions for factories.

Miracle tools and rings can help refrigeration appliance manufacturers to build a perfect after-sales service system and enhance the brand image.

In addition, Miracle ring can also be used for the repair of automotive air conditioners, the installation of plumbing systems, and the connection of material transfer lines.

For more applications, please contact us to get detailed info now.

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In refrigeration piping connection application, the advantage of a no-weld connection is greater than that of a soldering connection.

Because the pipeline diameter of refrigeration appliances is small, the use of fire welding is easy to burn through.

Not only that, the operating space of refrigeration appliance repair is very small, and the circuit is easily damaged when welding.

In shopping malls, supermarkets, kitchens, and other places where fire cannot be used, the no-weld connection is more advantageous.

So where is it more advantageous to use welding?

The answer is that welding is more advantageous when connecting large diameter copper and steel pipes and the site has no limit for using fire, what’s more, the welder has many years of experience.

For more details, please feel free to contact us and discuss with our technical staff.

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