How to Connect Copper Pipe and Titanium Pipe

How to Connect Copper Pipes and Titanium Pipe

The physical and chemical properties of titanium tubes are excellent, it has the advantages of being lightweight, high strength, and easy to process.

Therefore, this word material is mostly used in the aerospace business.

The excellent performance of the material is always utilized to the fullest by designers.

If you are engaged in the field of the refrigeration industry.

Then titanium evaporators, titanium condensers, titanium heat exchangers, and other products you should also be very familiar with.

The heat exchanger equipment produced with titanium tubes has the advantages of lightweight and high heat transfer efficiency.

However, this still faces some problems.

That is, the titanium tube needs to be connected with different material piping, for example, the connection of copper and titanium tube often occurs.

When you need to connect these two materials, your first thought may be to use welding.

You can do that, and you can also refer to this video on titanium tube soldering.

But that is a very unwise choice because the physical and chemical properties of titanium and copper pipes are very different.

Moreover, welding requires expensive equipment and does not guarantee the strength of the connection.

In addition, there are very few copper and titanium tube welding tutorials on the Internet.

Therefore, it is very difficult to weld copper and titanium tubes.

This is why we do not recommend welding copper and titanium tubes.

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How to Connect Copper Pipes and Titanium Pipe Without Solder?

In the section above we discussed the metal properties of titanium tubes and the disadvantages of soldering.

So, how can you reliably connect copper and titanium tubes?

The answer is to use solderless rings.

First, you need to learn what is pro press-fitting?

Miracle press-fitting uses the design concept of metal plastic deformation to achieve a pipe seal by applying axial pressure to the two pipes.

This connection method has been tested and proven to withstand burst pressures in excess of 30Mpa without causing corrosion to the piping.

Now we explain the application scope of Miracle ring.

First of all, it can be used in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Secondly, it can be used in refrigeration appliances, seafood machines, pool machine production.

Then it can also be used in heating systems, drinking water systems, gas transmission lines, etc.

In short, any pipeline that you can’t connect with fire welding.

Miracle can provide you with a complete no-weld connection solution, contact us now.

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