How to Connect Copper Pipe and Stainless Steel Pipe

How to Connect Copper Pipe and Stainless Steel Pipe

Did you know? Electrochemical corrosion occurs when two different metals are joined together, why do these happen?

There are many reasons for this, the most important one being the presence of electrolytes.

Electrolytes are usually present in water, and when metal piping carries these liquids, the electrons in the metal piping transfer with the liquid.

One metal line loses electrons, while another metal line gains electrons, then the lost electrons pipeline will produce corrosion.

Copper and stainless steel pipes are the most commonly used piping in water systems, and these pipes need to be constantly immersed in water.

Therefore, the connection point of copper and stainless steel pipes has the risk of corrosion leakage.

So how to avoid this corrosion between the metals?

The most effective way is to isolate the two metals, but when connecting metal piping of different materials, it is usually necessary to connect the two pipelines closely together.

Here are two different ways to connect copper and stainless steel pipes.

1. Welding Method

Welding is the joining of copper and stainless steel pipes by means of heat, which you can learn more about by reading “what is welding”.

But welding heats both pipes at the same time, which further increases the galvanic corrosion between the pipes.

It turns out that chemical corrosion between copper and stainless steel pipes is very low, but they are still present.

You can get a clearer answer here.

So, if you don’t heat the copper pipe, no galvanic corrosion will occur?

Theoretically, both heating and contact will produce chemical corrosion, just at different rates.

That’s why Miracle is introducing you to the fireless connection solution.

2. Press Method

The crimp connection is ideal for the connection between pipes of different materials.

First of all, we use the cold connection method, not heating copper or stainless steel pipe.

Secondly, we completely isolate the copper and stainless steel pipes during the connection, which eliminates galvanic corrosion in the pipes.

You can learn more about our products from our propress fitting and propress tool.

You can refer to this article to learn How Miracle Ring Works.

Allow me to introduce our company as follows so that we can better help you.

Miracle is a high-tech company located in China and we have been manufacturing for more than 20 years.

We have extensive engineering experience in copper and copper pipe connections, copper and aluminum pipe connections, copper and titanium pipe connections, copper and steel pipe connections.

We provide a more convenient solderless connection service for refrigeration appliance manufacturing, heat exchanger factory, evaporator and condenser factory, seafood machine factory, pool machine factory, drinking water line.

For more details, contact our Miracle technical team now.

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