How to Connect Aluminum Pipe and Stainless Pipe

How to Connect Aluminum Pipe and Stainless Pipe

There is such a big difference between aluminum and stainless steel tubing, they both have excellent corrosion resistance, but the weight difference is huge.

You can get more information on the comparison between aluminum and stainless steel and which metal is right for you in this article.

Maybe you are already very familiar with the differences between the two materials. Therefore, we do not discuss the properties of the materials too much.

This article focuses on how to better connect aluminum and stainless steel tubes.

First, you need to know that connections between metals of different materials can cause chemical corrosion.

Therefore, when you are connecting aluminum and stainless steel, you need to pay attention to the paint isolation of aluminum and stainless steel. You can learn how to isolate aluminum and stainless steel in this article.

However, this applies to connections between plates, such as riveted connections for road guardrails.

There is no way to isolate aluminum and stainless steel tubes when joining by fire welding because fire welding will destroy the isolation coating.

Without Welding

Different connection methods can be of the maximum value in different applications, so you need to learn the methods of common piping connections.

This can be very helpful during the construction of your project.

When it comes to connecting aluminum and stainless steel pipes, Miracle recommends that you use a fireless connection.

This connection method can withstand higher pipe pressure, burst pressure over 30Mpa, so it is very safe and reliable.

You can read about how Miracle ring works and Miracle lokring tool and fittings here.

For more information on no-weld technology, please contact our technical team now.

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