How to Connect Aluminum Pipe and Aluminum Pipe

How to Connect Aluminum Pipe and Aluminum Pipe

It is well known that aluminum tubes are used in a wide range of applications.

Aluminum tubes have the advantages of being lightweight, having no rust, and being cheap price.

Therefore, it is heavily used in refrigeration and air conditioning, aerospace, and other fields.

For the connection between aluminum tubes, there are many methods, such as welding, crimping, fillet, and so on.

Regardless of which connection method, as long as the choice is reasonable, it can bring out the maximum economic benefits.

For example, welding can be used for the connection of rectangular aluminum tubes and crimping for the connection of round aluminum tubes.

For more connection methods you can check the common connection method for pipes to learn more.

Next, we show you two ways of joining aluminum tubes: welding and press.

Welding Method

The steps for welding aluminum tubes are explained in detail in the video.

Therefore we do not explain too many steps.

You can see in this video how welding is used in square aluminum tubes.

Perhaps you already know a lot about this type of connection.

However, we need to explain it to you further.

This is because rectangular tubes are usually used as weighing beams or shelves to hold something in place.

This is where welding is very easy and the connection works great.

However, this method can do more harm than good if applied to round lines in refrigeration systems.

This is because round aluminum tubes are often subjected to high pressures and have to carry the refrigerant.

The welded aluminum tubes cannot sustain the high pressure and are easy to leak.

Here, the leakage of refrigerant is very dangerous. You can know more about how to detect refrigerant gas leaks.

In addition, welding will cause an increase of impurities inside the refrigeration and air conditioning system, which will shorten the life of the refrigeration equipment.

This is not cost-effective.

Not only that, but how do you weld if you are in a confined space?

The welding in the video is done in a laboratory, which is not compatible with the actual usage environment.

So if your project is still using welded connections to aluminum tubing, then you need to reconsider a more efficient connection.

Press Method

In the connection of refrigeration appliances and air conditioning piping, the connection of aluminum and aluminum tubes, copper and aluminum tubes, aluminum and steel tubes, aluminum and stainless steel tubes is often occurring.

However, these connections between pipes of different materials have difficulties such as chemical corrosion, high leakage rate, and difficult operation.

You may not be aware of this problem, but it can affect the reliability and service life of the connection.

That’s why Miracle ring was born, we use crimping to connect metal pipes.

There is no high temperature between the aluminum tubes, no damage to the performance of the pipes, and they can withstand working pressures of more than 30Mpa.

You can learn about press tools and press fittings here.

Of course, you also can learn more about how the Miracle ring works.

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