How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Compressor?

How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Compressor

Important references for choosing a compressor are energy consumption and reliability.

Therefore it is very important to choose a compressor that suits your needs.

Low energy consumption and less frequent maintenance can directly bring you more profit.

Of course, this also depends on the commercial compressor standards in each region.

You can in here know more Appliance and Equipment Standards Rulemakings and Notices.

In addition, each compressor is designed for specific refrigerants.

So, the type of refrigerant of the compressor is also a very important element.

Because some refrigerants have been banned, such as R22 refrigerant, R134a refrigerant, R410A refrigerant, R407C refrigerant.

You can check on SNAP policy guidelines to find more.

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Refrigeration Compressor Application Requirement

Refrigeration Compressor Application Requirement

People have diverse needs for compressors, and this is because food is stored at different temperatures.

For example, vegetables and fruits are kept at different temperatures than seafood.

This requires compressors that can meet the temperature requirements of different applications.

Therefore, compressors with different compression ratios are produced and designed, such as single-stage compressors and multi-stage compressors.

Single-stage compressors have higher economic performance when operating at full load.

So if you have a need for a single-stage compressor, we can offer you Bitzer single-stage compressors, Copeland single-stage compressors, etc.

Double pole compressors have a better compression ratio.

So, it is perfect for heavy-duty refrigeration.

In addition, another important aspect to consider while purchasing a new compressor is a pressure system, such as high, medium, or low.

The high-pressure system works best at a temperature above 23°F whereas low-pressure is perfect for compressors that operate at a temperature below -4°F.

The medium-pressure system works in between high-pressure and low-pressure, such as -4°F and 23°F.

Refrigeration Compressor Capacity

Refrigeration Compressor Capacity

Another important aspect while choosing the right compressor to maintain the performance of refrigeration is its capacity.

Compressor capacity is related to temperature and pressure, which vary as per the occupied volume of refrigeration.

You can measure this capacity whether in CFH or CFM to verify the refrigeration capacity before making a purchase.

The next important feature of the compressor is its motor efficiency, which you can measure in horsepower.

So, being an expert, it’s recommended to purchase a compressor with a higher horsepower rating to meet its capacity.

In addition, starting torque is another important aspect to consider while choosing the refrigeration compressor.

So, always consider a high starting torque motor for compressors that start with non-equalized pressures.

Types of Compressor

Reciprocating Hermetic

Reciprocating Hermetic

Reciprocating hermetic can be understood as a variant of reciprocating compressors and hermetic compressors.

This is because the movement of a piston compressor is reciprocating.

Hermetic compressors include scroll compressors, rotary compressors, refrigerator compressors.

Reciprocating hermetic compressors are smaller in size and are used in refrigeration equipment that requires less cooling capacity.

Reciprocating hermetic compressors combine the advantages of reciprocating and hermetic compressors and are used in commercial refrigeration applications.

The brand of this compressor is the Danfoss Maneurop compressor.

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Fridge Compressor

Fridge Compressor

Fridge compressor, also known as refrigerator compressor, is designed for refrigerators, freezers, etc.

The fridge compressor is very small and simple, you can see the video of the disassembly of this compressor here.

The brands of this compressor are SECOP, EMBRACO, HUAYI, etc.

Fridge compressors can also be used with small refrigeration units for small freezers, display cabinets, etc.

Learn how the fridge compressor works.

Mini  Compressor


Mini Compressor

The mini compressor is defined as a refrigeration compressor with a cooling capacity of less than 1KW.

This kind of compressor has the advantages of quiet working, low energy consumption, and small size.

Therefore, mini compressors are widely used in portable refrigeration equipment, such as car refrigerators, electronic refrigeration systems, engineering machinery cabs, etc.

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Horizontal Compressor

Horizontal Compressor


The horizontal compressor is a rotor compressor.

The advantage of these compressors is their low height, which allows them to be used in height-constrained refrigeration equipment.

For example, refrigerated trucks, RV air conditioners, commercial display cabinets, etc.

This type of compressor can meet the needs of refrigeration capacity up to 3HP.

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Rotary Compressor

Rotary Compressors


The rotary compressor compresses the gas by rotor work and completes the work cycle. Mini compressor and horizontal compressor both use the rotor structure.

The advantages of this compressor are compact structure, small size, less wearable parts, low noise, high efficiency.

However, this type of compressor cooling capacity is limited, can not be used for large cooling capacity equipment. At present, it is mostly used for household split-type air conditioners.

Learn how the rotary compressor works.

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Scroll Compressor

Scroll Compressor

Next are the Scroll refrigeration compressors. It is a type that is highly accepted as well as commonly used in the market.

This genre of refrigeration compressor is basically known for the smooth running motor, which gives appropriate cooling effect, lesser leakage, and great efficiency.

Due to this fact, this type of compressor also requires less maintenance.

This compressor is mainly used for scroll condensing units.

So, you can easily find scroll refrigeration compressors in the refrigeration used in every household.

Learn how the scroll compressor works.

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Piston Compressor

Semi Hermetic Piston Compressor

Another popular genre of refrigeration compressors is the piston compressor.

Piston compressors, also known as semi-hermetic compressors, are used with semi-hermetic condensing units for a variety of commercial applications.

You can easily find piston refrigeration compressors in supermarkets and cold storage.

The piston compressor works just like the engine of any automobile.

A dedicated motor is present inside the compressor that sucks the refrigerant and then compresses it in a cylinder.

Learn how the piston compressor works.

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Screw Compressor

Screw Compressor

The name of the next type is a screw compressor.

It is one of the unique refrigeration compressors where refrigeration passes through various screw spindles.

This unique type of refrigeration compressor could be easily found in the food production industries.

Screw refrigeration compressors could easily handle a huge number of refrigerants.

If compared with the above-mentioned type, more durability could be seen in this amazing category of refrigeration compressors.

Learn how a screw compressor works.

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Centrifugal Compressor

Centrifugal Compressor

The first genre of the product, which is highly functional and durable, is the Centrifugal Compressor.

It is an object which provides some great cooling effect to refrigeration.

Centrifugal refrigeration compressors are usually meant for industrial purposes as the cooling effect is very high, which is usually not required in any normal house refrigeration.

Learn how the centrifugal compressor works.


How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Compressor Conclusion

There are many factors in choosing a compressor, such as cooling capacity, where to use, energy consumption indicators, noise level, etc.

And the price of compressors is very expensive, so in the choice of compressor should be carefully made a choice.

If you need, Miracle can provide you with professional advice and 100% genuine guaranteed compressors. Contact us now.

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