How Miracle Ring Works

Miracle Ring Components

Miracle rings are connected to each other by elastic or plastic deformation under the action of external force.

This cold connection method has a stronger sealing ability and higher reliability.

Maximum burst pressure: 30Mpa.

Working with refrigerants: Suitable for all refrigerant systems, as well as R32 and CO2 systems.

Temperature range: -50℃~+220℃(-58℉- +480℉).

Pipe diameter size range: 6-41.3mm (1/4”-1 5/8”) Other sizes.

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How Miracle Ring Works

The inner and outer sleeves of two metal round tubes are inserted, and the special sealing liquid for Miracle Ring is filled between the connection gaps of the two tubes.

The crimping tool pushes the Miracle Ring forward, forcing the tubing connection to elastically deform and fit snugly.

The sealing liquid fills and seals the tiny gaps and scratches between the inner and outer tubes.

After the connection is completed, the centripetal force generated by the Miracle ring locks the connection part.

So as to achieve the effect of complete sealing and tight connection.

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