How a Refrigerator Works

How a Refrigerator Works-Simple

● The refrigerator compressor generates kinetic energy to drive the entire refrigeration cycle of the refrigerator.

● Refrigerant runs to the refrigerator condenser to dissipate heat and prepare for throttling evaporation.

● The refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator to absorb the heat inside the refrigerator, and the refrigerator achieves refrigeration.

What are a Refrigerator’s Components?

Now we show you the components that are used in the working of the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Compressor

A refrigerator compressor provides power to the whole refrigerator system and there are many brands of compressors, such as Secop, Embrace, LG, HUAYI, etc.

A refrigerator compressor is a hermetic design, the internal contains a piston, cylinder, and motor.

The compressor piston is driven by the motor to achieve up and down movement, the movement of the compressor piston is similar to the up and down movement of a pump.

This process compresses the refrigerant and provides power to the whole refrigerator.

You can see the complete type of refrigerator compressor here.

Refrigerator Condenser

The main role of the refrigerator condenser is to eliminate the heat generated by the refrigerator compressor compressing refrigerant.

Therefore, when you touch the refrigerator with your hand, the part that gets hot is the refrigerator condenser. The refrigerator condenser is usually located at the back and sides of the refrigerator.

Refrigerator condenser types include wire tube, shutter type, plate and tube, spiral fin, and so on.

Each type of condenser has a different performance and efficiency, which is mainly determined by the design of the refrigerator manufacturer.

You can see the complete type of refrigerator condenser here.

Refrigerator Evaporator

Refrigerator Evaporator

The main role of the refrigerator evaporator is to transfer the cold air produced by the refrigerant expansion to the food inside the refrigerator.

This is a key step, the coldness of the refrigerator mainly comes from the evaporator. Open the refrigerator door, you can see their outline inside the refrigerator.

Refrigerator evaporator types include roll bond, bonding type, wire tube, and fin type.

If you can see it directly inside the refrigerator, it is usually the wire tube type.

You can see the complete type of refrigerator evaporator here.

Refrigerator Capillary Tube

The role of the refrigerator capillary tube and expansion valve is the same.

Their main role is to reduce the refrigerant pressure from the condenser so that the refrigerant in the refrigerator evaporator vapors heat absorption.

The length and aperture of the refrigerator capillary tube are determined according to the refrigerator superheat degree.

In general, the diameter of the refrigerator capillary tube is about 1mm.

You can check more details of the refrigerator capillary tube here.

Refrigerator Filter

Refrigerator Filter

A refrigerator filter is also called a copper filter, the main component inside it is a synthetic molecular sieve, and the main component is natural zeolite.

The main function of refrigerator filters is to filter impurities and moisture in the refrigerator system and protect the refrigerator compressor.

The refrigerator filter outlet is connected to the capillary tube and needs to be replaced regularly. You can view the refrigerator filter products here.

Refrigerator Refrigerant

Refrigerator Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the key to the refrigeration cycle, the transfer of temperature is achieved through the refrigerant.

Refrigerant is fluoride, which can boil and evaporate at low temperatures.

Refrigerants are widely used in refrigeration equipment by virtue of this characteristic.

Refrigerants used in refrigerators are mostly R600a refrigerant, which has more environmentally friendly characteristics It is more environmentally friendly.

However, it is a flammable and explosive item, so you need to be more careful when installing and servicing refrigerators. You can view refrigerant products here.

Refrigerator Working Principle-Youtube

After understanding the accessories of the refrigerator above, you should have a clear understanding of the working principle of the refrigerator, now let us explain it again in full.

All refrigeration systems will basically contain four products, 1. compressor 2. condenser 3. expansion valve (refrigerator capillary tube) 4. evaporator

These four components are the basic products to achieve cooling.

Of course, the operation of the refrigerator can not be without these four products.

Refrigerant is always present in the refrigerator’s pipeline.

When you turn on the power of the refrigerator, you will hear a humming sound (some compressors will have very low noise), which is the sound of the compressor.

You can also tell if the compressor is working properly from the humming sound.

The refrigerator compressor is powered on and starts to compress the refrigerant gas, then the refrigerant has raw power and is pushed towards the condenser (at this point the refrigerant temperature is very high).

After accepting the high temperature, the condenser starts to heat up, this process is the process of condenser heat dissipation, at this time the refrigerator back shell will be hot.

After the heat dissipation process, the refrigerant will be further pushed into the refrigerator filter to filter out impurities and water, and then into the capillary tube.

The capillary tube does not do any treatment to the refrigerant, but just speeds up the flow rate of the refrigerant and makes the pressure rise.

Then it is sprayed into the refrigerator evaporator.

The refrigerant that reaches the evaporator absorbs a lot of heat energy and cools the food.

At this point, the refrigeration cycle is completed.

Then the refrigerant changes to gas again and enters the compressor for another cycle.

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