Air Conditioner Compressor Brands

Air Conditioner Compressor Brands and VRF System

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Air Conditioner Compressor Brands

Choosing the best compressor for an air conditioner is the biggest headache for many people as there are plenty of brands on the market.

Especially now, in 2022, top compressor manufacturers and supplier brands compete like World War 3.

But if you fail to choose a compressor with the right pressure and temperature, the air conditioner or heat pump will fail to run effectively.

As a leading wholesale air conditioner compressor supplier in China, we offer you the best compressor with support from selection to installation.

All top air conditioner compressor brands like Copeland, Danfoss, Panasonic, Hitachi/Highly, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, LG, GMCC/Toshiba, and Gree/Landa are available to us.

Our specialty is to supply the best matching and original compressor unit and ensure after-sales technical support with HVACR spare parts. Contact us now.

Copeland Air Conditioner Compressor

Copeland Air Conditioner Compressor

What can be the best strength of an air conditioner compressor than low GWP, maximum efficiency, and high flexibility?

Copeland air conditioner compressor was introduced in the market in 1987 with all the above features.

Since then, it has been installed over 170 million times, and its technology is still state-of-the-art.

With more than 100 Million units of global installation and 38.28% billion USD in the global HVAC market, it will expand at a CAGR of 6% by 2025.

Copeland Air Conditioner Compressor has the largest product line in the HVAC industry, with a product line of 1 to 60 horsepower.

Check out our full series ( ZB, ZF, ZP, ZR, ZSI, ZW, VR series) collection of both T and S-type Copeland Air Conditioner Compressors and Condensing Units.

Danfoss Air Conditioner Compressor

Danfoss Air Conditioner Compressor

Danfoss Air Conditioner Compressor won the Product of the Year award at the 2022 AHR Expo.

From 1958 till now, Danfoss Compressor has been a top choice in North America, Europe, and the Chinese market.

It has a wide range (1.5 – 2.6 HP/1kW – 20kW) and has different cooling systems, including vapor injectors and liquid injections.

It can be used in various refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating applications.

Whether you need an AC or DC application, it has very low energy consumption and quiet operation to ensure higher efficiency.

Especially for cooling needs from 7 to 800 W – 1/4 HP with a single compressor and 1.6 kW with twin compressors.

We can supply all types and series of Danfoss Condensing Units and Danfoss compressors. Don’t hesitate to share your needs with us. Contact us today.

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Panasonic Air Conditioner Compressor

Panasonic Air Conditioner Compressor

Panasonic Air Conditioner Compressor is one of the top 5 compressors that captured 45% of its market share.

It has been immensely blessed for its high efficiency, durability, and reliable performance for the last 60 years.

Its huge product range covers both fixed and variable speeds of Reciprocating, Rotary, and Scroll compressors.

You can use it in household or commercial water dispensers, air conditioners, wine coolers, display cabinets, cold rooms, and HVAC systems.

We can provide you with 100% genuine guaranteed Panasonic air conditioning compressors.

Check the Panasonic Refrigerator Compressor and Panasonic Rotary Compressor page now to learn more.

Hitachi/HIGHLY Air Conditioner Compressor

HIGHLY Air Conditioner Compressor

Hitachi ( Highly) air conditioner compressor has been in the market since 1982. It has more than 100 different models.

All product series of Hitachi compressor brands from A, D, G, L, H, TH, and TE can go with R22, R407C, R410A, and DR22 refrigerants in many applications.

It is one of the most economical friendly air conditioner compressor brands with low vibration/noise but high life duration and efficiency.

Contact us now if you can’t decide which model to choose for your project among a large range of series.

You can check the Highly compressor here, we can help you find the best one.

We can also support you in supplying all air conditioner parts and refrigeration parts ( such as HITACHI Type Copper Y Joint) for Hitachi Central Air Conditioning Installation.

Sanyo Air Conditioner Compressor

Sanyo Air Conditioner Compressor

The Sanyo air conditioner compressor is another compact and lightweight design on the market since 1983.

Among all other brands and types of compressors in the market, Sanyo is well fit for air conditioning, heat pumps, and commercial refrigeration, including high, medium, and low-temperature applications.

Many C-SB, C-SC, and DC-SD series models are available for 3.5 to 15 horsepower with a large voltage and frequency range.

Though Copeland occupies almost the 3HP market, the Sanyo compressor occupies a big share of the 5HP market. For more info please contact us now.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Compressor

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Compressor

Who doesn’t know about the 100 years of reputation of Mitsubishi products? It has a very large range of Air Conditioner compressors with the latest inverter technology.

You can check the existing and new series in individual or industrial air conditioner systems.

Whether you need a fully hermetic scroll compressor or rotary compressor, many series like SDP, DNK, ANB, ANE, TPB, APB, and APH have 220 ~ 240V, 50Hz, 1PH, or 380 ~ 415V, 50Hz, 3Ph.

Mitsubishi Air conditioner compressors have condensation temperatures up to 81 °C (R134a), special low-hygroscopicity compressor oil, and a more extensive output range as their main strengths.

Other characteristics like low noise and vibration level and fixed speed and inverter models are also available. Contact us today to learn more about the Mitsubishi compressor brand.

LG Air Conditioner Compressor

LG Air Conditioner Compressor

LG started refrigeration compressor production in 1973, and till now, it has all innovative technology with over 1 billion units of production.

Broder series of LG compressor brands like QJ, QK, QP, S, K, P, A, and J has a capacity range from 2.2 KW to 16.0 KW for R410A/R22 displacement from 4.5CC to 52.5CC.

They are mostly used in residential and commercial air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, aftermarket, living, and mobility applications.

Unlike a conventional rotary compressor, the LG air conditioner compressor uses sliding piston technology that ensures low RPM and frequency vane jumping below 20rps.

Miracle supplies all series LG air conditioner compressors, whether compact/sliding piston variable-speed or heat pump compressors. Send us your inquiry to buy.

GMCC Air Conditioner Compressor

GMCC Air Conditioner Compressor

Since its establishment in 1995, GMCC air conditioner compressor has been the world’s fastest-growing and largest manufacturing compressor, with 25% of the current market share.

It was ranked first place worldwide in terms of output and sales volume in 2006.

Millions of air conditioner compressor unit of GMCC Toshiba brand is used by ambient air conditioners, fridges, refrigerated cabinets, heat-pump condensing units, etc.

GMCC air conditioner compressor has a higher heating capacity at an ambient temperature of-15°C by 20%-50% and low-temperature adaptability at -20°C.

COP of 395% also indicates its higher energy efficiency.

EH, PH, HSM, and PA models are available to us that can meet 3210 BTU to 44220 BTU and 110V to 240V.

If you are looking for a trusted GMCC Compressor Supplier in China, contact us.

GREE/Landa Air Conditioner Compressor

Landa Air Conditioner Compressor

Landa Air Conditioner Compressor is also an award-winning Gree group with a large-scale compressor series.

Its market in the Middle East is growing fast along with North America and Europe.

Because it can perfectly adapt to tropical desert areas, it has different industrial voltages for different series, from 115V to 380V.

Gree Landa compressor can run steadily under high-pressure ratios and high pressure in different environments.

We offer verified Gree Brand compressors with full fireless connection solutions and spare parts like GREE Type Copper Y Joint.

Being a close partner of Gree allows us to meet all your needs regarding Gree Landa Compressor. Contact us now.

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