Automotive Air Conditioner Parts Supplier
Automotive Air Conditioner Parts Supplier

Your Best Choice of Automotive Air Conditioner Parts In China!

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Your No.1 Automotive Air Conditioner Parts Supplier

If you are looking for a trustworthy one-stop supplier for automotive air conditioner parts, Congratulations, now you are at the right place!

Miracle has been working continuously for 15+ years for becoming your best automotive air conditioner parts suppliers and we do earn many trusts from worldwide customers!

Miracle has mature solutions for all types of business, for automotive air conditioner project, for automotive air conditioner parts wholesaler etc, just send us your requests and get our support right now!

Automotive Air Conditioner Compressor

Automotive air conditioner compressor is used in buses, transportation refrigeration, trucks, automobiles and other place, and is suitable for multi-brand cars. The automotive air conditioner compressor has low operating noise and a variety of displacements are available. Miracle automotive air conditioner compressor has the features of stable rotation, no noise, good cooling effect, and good shock absorption effect.

Automotive Air Conditioner Condenser

The automotive air conditioner condenser is the most important part of Miracle automotive air conditioner parts. The automotive air conditioner condenser surface of the automotive air conditioner condenser is zinc sprayed, which is more corrosion-resistant, more efficient, and faster.

Automotive Air Conditioner Filter

Upgraded automotive air conditioner filter is an automotive AC part that needs to be replaced frequently, multi-effect 5-layer filter, with antibacterial effect, can effectively filter mold. Automotive air conditioner filter inner core uses activated carbon, can effectively adsorb formaldehyde substances, double-layer HEPA filter, to give you real healthy air.

Pipe of Automotive Air Conditioner Part

Automotive air conditioner pipe is suitable for small cars, engineering vehicles, transportation refrigeration, and automotive air conditioner pipe can be customized according to your needs. The automotive air conditioner pipe adopts a four-layer design, which is more reliable in use, and the operating temperature range can reach -40℃~135℃. Convenient for car air conditioning modification. The pipes are the frequently used automotive air conditioner parts, contact us to design your pipes.

Manifolds of Automotive Air Conditioner Part

Accurate anti-collision manifolds of automotive air conditioner parts, mainly used for refrigerant filling in automotive air conditioning systems, display real-time system pressure, folding hook design, easy to use and storage, thick anti-collision soft rubber sleeve, multiple range specifications, convenient reading, A variety of specifications are available.

Quick Coupler of Automotive Air Conditioner Part

The quick coupler of the automotive air conditioner can adjust the flow of refrigerant, has a good sealing effect, does not leak air, has a pillar type, a detachable type, etc. The quick coupler of the automotive air conditioner has exquisite handles and higher strength. The quick coupler of the automotive air conditioner body is made of brass, and the surface is electroplated, which is durable.

As the one-stop supplier for HVAC&R, Miracle is not only your reliable automotive air conditioner parts supplier but also your supplier for transport refrigeration. The transportation refrigeration will cover the refrigeration for buses, trucks, etc, and supply the temperature controller conditions to the goods on the way.

Miracle can supply various types of condensing units for transportation to meet your demand for different sizes of trucks or cars, also all the necessary parts inside of the unit, such as Car air conditioner condenser, car air conditioner compressors, evaporators, etc.

Anything you need for transportation refrigeration, just contact us with your demand right now!

Automotive Air Conditioner Parts with Transport Refrigeration

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