Air Cooled Condenser
Air Cooled Condenser
Miracle is the air-cooled condenser manufacturer and condenser coil manufacturer in China.

Air Cooled Condenser Certifications for Your Market

  • Air Cooled Condenser CE Certification
    CE Certification
  • Air Cooled Condenser CQC Certification
    CQC Certification
  • Air Cooled Condenser UL Certification
    UL Certification
  • Air Cooled Condenser ISO9001 Certification
    ISO9001 Certification
  • Air Cooled Condenser ROHS Certification
    ROHS Certification

Miracle Air Cooled Condenser

As one of the best air cooled condenser manufacturer in China, air cooled condenser conforms or exceed the SAC/TC238 industry standards. Complying criteria UL, CE, ISO9001, CQC.

MCH Series Air Cooled Condenser
MCH air-cooled condenser is a heat-dissipating device matched with Freon refrigeration equipment that uses air for cooling. According to the appearance, we also call it a flat type air-cooled condenser. We use steel plate for the cover normally, The surface is sprayed and corrosion-resistant, with a beautiful appearance, but have other materials to choose from for the cover.
MCU Series Air Cooled Condenser
Miracle produces U type air-cooled condenser for a 30~150 m²heat exchange area. The big difference between U type air-cooled condenser with flat type air-cooled condenser is the box, U type has the box to contain the condenser coil, and the condensing units can be also installed inside the box.
MCV Series Air Cooled Condenser
Miracle MCV type air-cooled condenser, people also call it V type air-cooled condenser because of the condenser coil appearance, two condenser coil put together just like the English letter"V". It is suitable for projects that require a big heat exchange area, but a small space for installation.
MCF Series Air Cooled Condenser
MCF air-cooled condenser is a remote condenser that installs outdoor, you can see from its appearance that it has legs like a desk, so it will be easier to move place if you need it. We imported the advanced technology from famous brands of Europe and American countries, and design this type of air-cooled condenser for commercial refrigeration and Air conditioning.

Miracle Air Cooled Condenser to Boom Your Business

Good Design for Details to Ensure the Longer Service Life

Miracle pays attention to every detail to provide you a longer service life condenser and lets you have the biggest profit.

Miracle use high-strength galvanized sheet as the plate material of condenser, which is strong and durable;

The electrostatic spraying process, which uses high temperature curing treatment to enhance the adhesion and make it more corrosion and wear resistance, also beautiful on the appearance.

Miracle designs the protective plate on the copper pipe side to avoid any damage to all the processes.

Air Cooled Condenser Coil

Inner Threaded Copper Pipe to Improve the Heat Exchange Efficiency

Miracle has a smooth inner tube and internally threaded copper pipes to meet your demands.

The inner threaded copper pipe means we process the inner wall of the copper tube into a thin tooth shape, it has a more complex processing technology and higher cost.

But will greatly increase the internal surface area of the condenser, so that the internal conductivity is around 20% higher than the common smooth copper tube, while has a 10% smaller volume than the standard smooth copper tube.

Air Cooled Condenser Coil Copper Tube

Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil Fin to Supply You High-quality Condenser

Miracle uses Hydrophilic-coated aluminum fins, it has a stronger corrosion resistance function and it can reduce airflow resistance.

Miracle has its special design mold, which will stamp the aluminum fins into folds type, this will increase the contact area between the fins and airflow, this will increase around 5% of heat transfer efficiency of the condenser than ordinary aluminum foil fin.

Air Cooled Condenser Coil Aluminum Fins

Miracle Air Cooled Condenser Manufacturer

Miracle has 20 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing different types of air-cooled condenser and condenser coil, to meet your demand.

Miracle air-cooled condenser has varied of the shell for your choice.

Miracle can do a customized air-cooled condenser unit as your requirements.

Miracle does a 100% test for each copper condenser and condenser coil before delivery.

Here is a video to show you what kind of air-cooled condenser, evaporator, and condensing units we have, and how is our factory production for daily life.

From the start, you can see some of the orders for the air-cooled condenser, evaporator unit, condenser coil, evaporator coil in progress in our workshop.

Then you can see some production processes of our equipment are working, such as Fiber laser cutting machine is cutting the aluminum plates automatically according to the setting of drawings, automatic pipe bending machine is bending and cutting the copper pipes, fin press is making the condenser coil, the professional worker is doing the important welding work, then the leaking test and some videos took when we deliver the finished goods.

Hope from this video, you can know our factory well, more info, please feel free to contact us. And also welcome friends from all over the world to visit us.

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    Air Cooled Condenser Video Cover

    Condenser Coil

    Miracle can produce 4 types of condenser coil according to our complete air-cooled condensers for now: Flat type, V type, U type, and W type. In the following, you can see some specific introduction to them.

    V Type Refrigeration Condenser Coil

    V type refrigeration condenser coil is specially used for V type air-cooled condenser MCV series, with the cover and fan motor, then form the complete air cooler. The heating area we can produce exactly the same with V type air-cooled condenser from 70-480m² for our standard production, if you have special requirements, please let us know.

    U Type Refrigeration Condenser Coil

    U type refrigeration condenser coil is especially for U type air-cooled condenser unit. It applies to the heat exchange area from 30m² to 150m². The condenser coil will be put in the box, and the fan motor will be installed on the top of the box. Miracle has our own engineer team, for the customized condenser coil, please feel free to contact us.

    Miracle Air-Cooled Condenser 20 Years Experience
    20 Years’ Experience
    20 years’ experience in evaporator, air-cooled condenser, and condensing unit manufacturing. More mature technology, more reliable quality,Miracle will be your first choice.
    Miracle Air-Cooled Condenser Strong Support
    Strong Support Supplier
    Miracle is the factory that the government support, we have a big plan to expand our factory and business in the near future, we can be your reliable and strong support supplier.
    Miracle Air-Cooled Condenser One Stop Shopping
    One-stop Supplier
    One-stop supplier for your refrigeration business to make your business simple. Using our experience and advantages in the Refrigeration field, provide you the spare parts in the refrigeration system along with our air-cooled condenser.
    Miracle Air-Cooled Condenser Reliable Product
    Reliable Product
    Miracle treasures our quality, so you will see we control every detail and every process from our products includes the raw material, the protection for both sides of condenser, the welding, and do 100% test for every product that comes from our factory.

    Miracle Air Cooled Condenser

    MCH Type Air Cooled Condenser

    MCH Series Air Cooled Condenser


    • Miracle uses a high-efficiency condenser coil, and reasonable pipe arrangement to improve the heat transfer efficiency.
    • Miracle uses famous brand fan motor suppliers from the domestic market and overseas market.
    • The condenser is suitable for R22, R134a, R407c, etc.
    • Different voltage and frequency are available.
    • Miracle can do a customized condenser at your request, please feel free to contact us.

    MCU Type Air Cooled Condenser

    MCU Series Air Cooled Condenser


    • U type Air-cooled condenser has a box, can protect all the parts inside, like compressor, filter drier, liquid receiver, oil separator, accumulator, valves, controllers, electric box, etc.
    • A more beautiful appearance, with a bend condenser coil, it has a better thermal compensation.
    • Compact structure and saves space and easy for installation.
    • Other same features with flat type air-cooled condenser, like sprayed steel plate for the cover, different material for your reference.
    • 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, and other voltage required, just tell us.

    MCV Type Air Cooled Condenser

    MCV Series Air Cooled Condenser


    • Miracle V type air-cooled condenser suitable for heat exchange area from 70m² to 480m².
    • Big heat exchange area but with small space, convenient for installation.
    • There are two types for your choice, one is the V-type air-cooled condenser only, one is with a big box and the condensing units can be installed under the condenser.
    • Miracle does customized air-cooled condenser and condenser coil, just contact us with your requirements.

    MCF Type Air Cooled Condenser

    MCF Series Air Cooled Condenser


    • Miracle uses a high-efficiency heat-exchanging condenser coil, good cooling function.
    • We use good quality Axial fan motor, which is with large air volume, low noise, and energy-saving.
    • Miracle uses high quality galvanized plate, the sprayed surface that is anti-corrosion, makes sure the air-cooled condenser has a long life.
    • Customized air-cooled condenser, please feel free to contact us.

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    Condensing Unit

    Condensing Unit

    Miracle is a professional condensing unit manufacturer in China, we supply different types of refrigeration units for your projects, such as Bitzer open type condensing unit, Copeland box type condensing unit, commercial refrigeration unit, click here to know more.

    Dual Discharge Evaporator Unit

    Dual Discharge Evaporator Unit

    Miracle provides verities types of evaporator unit matched with your condensing unit for refrigeration project, ceiling type, dual discharge, small cabinets, etc, please check more.

    What is the Condenser Coil?

    The condenser coil is the core of the air-cooled condenser, consist of aluminum fins and copper pipes .looks very similar to the evaporator coil, but actually, you can easily recognize them, the evaporator located indoor while the condenser coil is installed our doors.

    It’s very necessary for us to memorize their name, especially when you need to repair or replace them during your using period.

    As you can see during the explanation of the air-cooled condenser, the refrigerant that is compressed by the compressor first, then enters the condenser coil, by then the refrigerant is the high temperature and high-pressure air.

    When the refrigerant enters the condenser, the coil will start to heat up and blow the heat out of the outer unit and turns the refrigerant into a liquid.

    Next, the liquid refrigerant pass-through expansion valve, enters the evaporator coil, after evaporation, it gets cooled down, and it can absorb more hot air, then bring the hot air outside. This cycle keeps working and takes away the hot air, and brings you a cold and comfortable life in summer.

    So condenser coil and evaporator work together to provide you the cooling world, evaporator unit absorbs the heat from the air in your house, copper condenser releases the hot air to outdoor, it’s not workable with lack of any part for the whole refrigeration system.​

    The condenser coil suits most of the refrigerant you need, R22, R404, R507c, R407c, but if you use R410a, that need to remind us, we need to do some extra design and work for your condenser coil, make sure it suits your system very well.

    A small tip: If you want to keep the good performance and long life of the condenser coil, you can clean it regularly after a period using, good maintenance will worth your cost better.


    What kind of air-cooled condenser do you have?

    Miracle has a standard flat type, V type, U type, and W type air-cooled condenser unit for now.

    What’s the application of your air-cooled condenser unit?

    Miracle air-cooled condenser, you can also call it a commercial condenser unit because it’s widely used for a commercial refrigeration system, like cold rooms that require the heat exchange area from 2m² to 500m², small and medium cold rooms for refrigerating and freezing.

    Can you produce the condenser coil separately?

    Yes, we can. If you are the air-cooled condenser manufacturer, want to get the condenser coil to do the rest work in your factory or other use. Just contact us, our technical team will provide you the solution.

    Can you do OEM?

    Yes, just provide your info, we customized it for you, and your info will be safe with us.

    Can you customized air cooled condenser?

    Yes, We have the ability to design according to your projects.

    Can we choose different materials for the copper condenser cover?

    Yes, we have spray painted steel plates, embossed aluminum, and stainless steel plate to meet your needs.

    Can you paint different colors for our project?

    Yes, for now, we have Black, white, green, and Blue. Show us the color No., we will achieve it.

    Can you provide the package for export and import?

    Yes, we have professional experience for export, we know how to pack the air-cooled condenser to make the shipment and customs clearance smoothly.

    What’s your delivery time?

    For standard refrigeration evaporators and condensers, we have stock for your emergency needs, for special types or no stock products, our production time will be around 15-20days, contact us with your firm order, we shall give the accurate delivery time.

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