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Your Top Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor Supplier

If you are looking for a wholesale air conditioner scroll compressor to promote in your promising market, there is no others choice more worth than Miracle.

We have a clear and compelling business model for our wholesale customers around the world. Miracle ensures an outstanding scroll-type ac compressor with high reliability, efficiency, durable lifetime, and quality certification.

We have been in this line for about 20 years, with our many success stories in supplying quality air conditioner scroll compressors. Some of the air conditioner scroll compressors models from our extensive inventory are listed below that can match your demand. We are waiting for your inquiry.

Original Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor

Buy this Original scroll air conditioner compressor directly from us with different specifications and series. Voltages requirements such as 380-400V, 50Hz, 3pH/ 460V, and 60Hz are available to supply. In addition, our first-class original compressor from our manufacturing factory in China allows you to choose any matched scroll compressor for you. Shop Today.

Copeland Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor

Copeland air conditioner scroll compressor has 100% volumetric efficiency with plenty of advantages such as a more extended lifetime warranty; For the application like air conditioning condensing unit, heat pump, chillers, rooftops units, chillers, process cooling, and refrigeration, it is the perfect solution to reduces costs. To get this single/two-stage revolutionary scroll compressor, send your inquiry to us now.

Danfoss Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor

For both commercial and industrial HVAC&R applications, the Danfoss air conditioner scroll compressor of the H and S series is superior. Allowing a wholesale custom order, Miracle promise to assure a long lifetime and efficient operation. We have a large inventory of this low noise Danfoss air conditioner scroll compressor with a considerable horsepower range for a different model. Shop today.

DAIKIN Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor

The Miracle is now supplied with this special Daikin air conditioner scroll compressor which has a small size but large capacity on less energy consumption. Miracle is an authorized supplier of the DAIKIN air conditioner scroll compressor providing many models for this compressor with a horsepower range from 2.5 to 7.5 HP and voltage range of 220V/50Hz, and 380V/50Hz. Shop Today.

Hitachi Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor

World’s renowned Hitachi air conditioner scroll compressors are available to us with refrigerant types such as R22, R407C, R410A, and R404A. We have both vertical and horizontal type compressors with an extensive range of power and temperature specifications. With an evaporating temperature of 7.2 C and condensing temperature of 54.4 C, this Hitachi air conditioner scroll compressor is the world’s most highly efficient, low sound, and low vibration compressor that you are looking for. Order now.

Sanyo Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor

Panasonic Sanyo model air conditioner scroll compressor is for both ac and refrigerator that we supply. All of its series, such as C-SB Series, C-SC Series, and C-SD Series, are in our stock with the most favorable price. This 10HP hose Sanyo scroll compressor has about 30600w of capacity, which is much quieter than others heaters and ac. Order today.

Panasonic E Series Scroll Compressor

Panasonic scroll compressor types include fixed frequency series, inverter series, parallel series, etc. It can be used in refrigeration and air conditioning, bus air conditioning, rail transportation, heat pump, etc. For more details, contact us now.

Miracle is the worldwide manufacturer of highly reliable air-cooled and water-cooled condensing units with many compressor types.

Various models of condensing units with different capacity including custom air conditioner condensing units are in our inventory are ready to ship.

We are also an air conditioner scroll compressor manufacturer in China, with certified and secured compressor units.

Miracle supply a full range of the horizontal condensing unit, Copeland condensing unit, Danfoss condensing unit, freezer condensing unit, refrigeration condensing unit, small refrigeration unit, etc. Contact us today.

Air Conditioner Scroll Compressor Unit

We specialize in the complete engineering of industrial and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance and repair environmentally.

In addition, Miracle provides comprehensive assistance and guideline of after-sales support to make sure your successful installation.

Supplying all spare parts of your air conditioner scroll compressor and condensing unit, we also manufacture and provide a full line of refrigeration repair tools and air conditioner tools, such as propress fittings and propress tools, refrigeration parts, HVAC flaring tools, HVAC tools, refrigeration valve.

Our lokring fittings and tools are the best economic technology specializing in a solder-free connection while installing your HVAC unit. Shop Now.

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