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Your Top Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor Supplier

The Miracle is in the market in a line of air conditioner rotary compressor and central air conditioner parts considering any large business related to HVAC.

As a fully responsible and dedicated company on supplying air conditioner rotary compressor, we meet all solution of issues and the problem you especially refrigeration and air conditioner industry, factory, dealer or plumber.

A rotary compressor is a suitable solution for your air conditioner, split systems, window units, or other refrigerated appliances. Here are some of the different types of compressors that we supply. Contact us today.

Original Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor

We supply all types of original rotary compressors for your home air conditioner and household. With many power supply ranges such as 220-240V/50Hz and cooling capacity such as 2845W/9710BTU, we can provide you with a more extended warranty than others. Choose any model according to your requirement and specifications.

HIGHLY Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor

Get all made in China highly air conditioner rotary compressor that is more durable and efficient with incredible features and affordable prices. With many phase-type, capacities, and other specifications such as 2.7 horsepower, and different volumes and frequencies for different models and series such as 230V/50-60Hz, and 220V-240V/50Hz. Miracle can meet your demand for wholesale quantity.

GMCC Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor

Miracle is the official and authentic supplier of the world’s most famous GMCC rotary compressor for air conditioners. Miracle can supply you high-quality GMCC rotary compressor from 110V to 220V application and other different specifications. For 1 to 3 horsepower, GMCC rotary compressor is the best solution with a favorable price and practical efficiency.

GREE Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor

GREE air conditioner rotary compressor solves pretty much every common issue of compressing in HVAC. Its appropriate and ideal voltages and frequencies help you with the best performance and are superior to all air conditioner compressors. Miracle is one of the top suppliers for GREE air conditioner rotary compressors in China.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor

The Panasonic rotary compressor is considered the best compressor for room air conditioners and refrigeration because of its quality, effectiveness, environmentally friendly, and reliability. Miracle also highly recommend this compressor to our client with an extensive range of types, models with different capacity. For the most up-to-date Panasonic rotary hermetic compressor in China, Miracle is your complete and reliable supplier.

LG QK Series Air Conditioner Compressor

LG air conditioner rotor compressor is mainly used for home split type air conditioner, we provide you with 100% genuine guaranteed LG compressor, compressor models including QJ, QK, QP, and so on. You can click the link for more details.

Mitsubishi Rotary Compressor R410A

Mitsubishi rotary compressor includes residential and commercial series. It is suitable for R22, R134A, R407C, R410A, and R32 refrigerants. For more details, contact us now.

Horizontal Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor

A horizontal air conditioner rotor compressor is mainly used for transportation refrigeration, bus air conditioner, special vehicle air conditioner, etc. It has the advantages of small size, low vibration, and high reliability. A horizontal air conditioner rotary compressor is suitable for R22, R32, R404A, R407C, and R410A refrigerants. For more details, contact us now.

Mini Rotary Inverter Compressor

Mini rotor compressor also belongs to air conditioner rotor compressor, because it can also be used for small air conditioners. For example, truck cabs, construction vehicle cabs, mobile wearables, etc. We can offer you a 12V/24V/48V compressor. For more details, contact us now.

We are in the line of the world’s superior condensing unit with many compressors to ensure we have all categories of condensing units that you need.

With the ability to supply wholesale condensing units in bulk, Miracle promises high quality, higher efficiency, a more extended warranty, and the best affordable price.

And single stage, double stage, double outlet, small air conditioner compressor condensing unit, and others refrigeration unit with different structure is available to us.

Please get the latest catalog of our products and send us an inquiry.

Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor Unit

Miracle is highly motivated and dedicated to providing full support to our all business partners to make their business more accessible than before.

We promise you to supply all air conditioner rotary compressors, condensing units, spare parts, repair and maintaining tools, etc.

Such as lokring tools and fittings, refrigeration tools, air conditioner tools, manual pipe bender, pipe cutter, HVAC tool, HVAC vacuum pump, refrigeration valve, manifold gauges, HVAC adapter, etc.

We are here to discuss your quantity, desire, and requirement with customization service. The favorable price for wholesale amount can help you to decide wisely. Get an instant quote now.

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