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Air Conditioner Manufacturer China
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Chinese Air Conditioner Brands

  • GREE Air Conditioner Brand
    GREE Brand
  • Midea Air Conditioner Brand
    Midea Brand
  • Haier Air Conditioner Brand
    Haier Brand
  • AUX Air Conditioner Brand
    AUX Brand
  • CHIGO Air Conditioner Brand
    CHIGO Brand
  • MBO Air Conditioner Brand
    MBO Brand
  • Hisense Air Conditioner Brand
    Hisense Brand
    MBO air conditioner is a modern air conditioning brand focused on young people and belongs to a new generation of air conditioning brands. MBO cooperates with a team of designers who have won the German Red Dot and IF awards and have strong R&D and innovation capabilities.

Chinese Air Conditioner Brands

Miracle provides you with the right air conditioner brands for your market and provides you with a wealth of information on Chinese air conditioner manufacturers. Not only that, but we can also find the most cost-effective air conditioner manufacturer to help you achieve your OEM and ODM needs.

GREE Air Conditioner
GREE air conditioner was established in March 1985, is a professional air conditioning enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. With 10 production bases and more than 80,000 employees worldwide, GREE air conditioner has a good reputation in the global air conditioning industry.
Haier Air Conditioner
Haier air conditioner was founded in 1985 and has been in development for 36 years so far. Haier has more than 70,000 employees worldwide and five new R&D centers in China, Asia, Australia, Europe, and America, with users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
Midea Air Conditioner
The two core components of the Midea air conditioner are the GMCC compressor and Welling motor. Midea air conditioner refrigeration research institute has 275 laboratories and an R&D team of more than 1,000 people and has established R&D bases in the United States, Japan, and Italy.
AUX Air Conditioner
AUX air conditioner has undergone 20 years of professional refrigeration course. Then joined hands with Korea Samsung, Japan Panasonic, etc, to continuously improve the company's innovative research and development strength, thus ensuring that the air conditioners are always at the leading level of the industry.
Hisense Air Conditioner
Hisense air conditioner was established in 1996, introducing Japanese inverter air conditioning technology, and combined with the Internet of Things technology and air purification technology, making Hisense air conditioner in technological innovation, product quality, industrial upgrading has gained a good reputation.
MBO Air Conditioner
MBO air conditioner is a modern air conditioning brand focused on young people and belongs to a new generation of air conditioning brands. MBO cooperates with a team of designers who have won the German Red Dot and IF awards and have strong R&D and innovation capabilities.

Miracle as a famous refrigeration supplier and wholesaler in China, can provide you with a wide range of brands of air conditioners in China, help you to source air conditioners in China, and provide you with professional guidance and advice.

Not only that, we have more air conditioner export advantages and give you more discounts. Call to action now.

Air Conditioner Manufacturer Strengths

The advantage of multi Chinese air conditioner brand that Miracle has is that we provide you with a more flexible solution to help you quickly select the Chinese air conditioner manufacturer that meets your needs.

In addition, when you are looking for information on air conditioner brands, it is very costly and time-consuming. Miracle, as a local Chinese company, can provide you with accurate market information, according to our experience and connections in this field. Any need an air conditioner, contact us now.

Multiple Chinese Air Conditioning Brands

If you want to represent a famous Chinese brand air conditioner, it will be hard to get a good reseller price for you.

This is because their distribution network is already very well developed, their agents already exist in your market, and to protect the interests of existing distributors, the air conditioner manufacturer will not give you a lower price, or they can not even sell to you.

However, if you choose Miracle, we can provide you with the most suitable air conditioner solution with the current market info, also recommend the right Chinese air conditioner manufacturer brand for you to help you succeed in your market.

Air Conditioner Manufacturer Agent

If you need OEM or ODM service, Miracle can help you achieve it as well.

And we dare to promise you the quality of air conditioners with an extra-long warranty.

This is because we have conducted sufficient fieldwork on the Chinese air conditioner manufacturer market. So we are more than confident to provide you with high-quality air conditioners. Send your inquiry today.

Air Conditioner Manufacturer OEM Service

Under the impact of internationalization on the global air conditioning market, consumers have born more diversified needs, such as the appearance of air conditioners, air conditioners additional functions, and other needs.

Not only that, the global air conditioner market is now showing a trend of youthfulness, the younger generation has stronger demand for air conditioners, and of course, they have more pursuit of personalization.

No matter what kind of air conditioning products you need, Miracle can help you achieve it with our rich resources of Chinese air conditioning manufacturers. Contact us now.

Air Conditioner Manufacturer Optional Accessories

Miracle air conditioning one-stop service is a great helper for your business.

We do not provide you the various brands of air conditioners, also provide you the AC parts, including air conditioner remote controller, air conditioner drain pump, air conditioning installation tools, ac pipe insulation, central AC parts, copper Y joint, air conditioner valve, air conditioner compressor, etc.

Miracle air conditioner’s one-stop service also includes the shipping service. The delivery methods are very diverse, including air freight, sea freight, rail freight, door-to-door service, etc. For more details, please contact us now.

Chinese Air Conditioner One Stop Shopping

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