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20+ years history as the High-quality AC pipe insulation manufacturer and supplier in China, so Miracle has more experience for supply AC line insulation in different markets;

60000㎡plant to contain the bulk of advanced production equipment, which can fulfill 200 Million rolls production of the AC pipe insulation each year, so we can meet your big demand of split ac pipe insulation and central air conditioner pipe insulation in a fast way, even during the hot season;

Miracle AC pipe Insulation is suitable for the environment that has a temperature range -60℃~ +120℃, and the performance has been proved by a lot of certifications, such as ISO9001, Japanese JIS, America UL, Australia 1571, SGS, French M1, etc. Contact us for more now!

Central Air Conditioner Pipe Insulation

Central air conditioner pipe insulation, which some people call Insulation material for air conditioning pipe, is mainly used to protect the copper pipe for your AC unit. Miracle provides you the central AC pipe insulation that works well in the environment of -60℃~ +120℃, but for white color, the PE material is widely used, the high temperature the AC pipe insulation can stand can be 80℃,120℃, etc. You can choose the rubber AC pipe insulation as well.

Miracle AC pipe Insulation does not change color, has no wrinkles, no cracks, no deformation, and has excellent thermal conductivity 0.033w/m·k. You can tell us the situation of your project or your customer needs, we can recommend the most suitable AC pipe insulation for you. Contact us now to get more benefits!

Rubber AC pipe insulation

Rubber AC pipe insulation is the most economic choice if you have a tight budget or your customer is more sensitive to the price. Rubber AC pipe insulation has had a very big market for the past years, we’ve improved our production technology, the rubber AC pipe insulation can work during the temperature range -40°C-105°C.

Black color rubber AC pipe insulation is the most popular one, but for meeting the different requests from different customers, and To highlight individuality and match your engineering situation, we provide colorful AC pipe insulation for you. As shown, we have red, green, blue, even pink, grey, purple, etc, if you want to custom the color, we can also achieve it, just contact us now!

Split AC Pipe Insulation

Split AC pipe insulation, you can also call it outdoor A pipe insulation, because it is mainly used on connecting the indoor AC unit and Outdoor units of split air conditioners. For split AC pipe insulation, you can use PE material or rubber material according to your needs.

We can provide you the split AC pipe insulation from size 1/4 to size 2inch, single type AC pipe insulation and twin type AC pipe insulation are all available. Just contact us with your AC pipe insulation list and qty, we will reply to you with the best price and package info at the fast way!

PE AC Pipe Insulation

PE AC pipe insulation is the strongest part of Miracle refrigeration because we have been in this field for more than 20 years and the longest cooperation from our Japanese customers for 20 years. We have got the certifications for Japanese, French, America, Europe, Asia, Australia, all the professional test results and long cooperation from our customers prove the high quality of Miracle PE AC pipe insulation.

Miracle PE AC pipe insulation does not crack in ultra-low and high temperatures, is environmentally friendly, absorbing sound, flame retardant. In the meantime, Miracle PE AC pipe insulation has longer service life because it’s an anti-aging feature, corrosion-resistant feature, Miracle provides you 8 years warranty to reduce your after-sales service worry and cost. Just trust us once with your order, Miracle will surprise you in a good way, contact us now!

Air Conditioner Line Insulation

Air conditioner line insulation is a very wide range for AC pipe insulation, it includes the central AC pipe insulation and split AC pipe insulation, also includes the PE pipe insulation and rubber pipe insulation. If you can’t understand our above introduction for each type of AC pipeline insulation, here we recommend you to gather all of your needs clearly, then find our professional engineers, we will provide the suitable solution economically. Please give us and you a chance, you will get a Superb AC pipe insulation supplier!

PE Type AC Pipe Insulation Copper Pipe

PE type AC pipe insulation copper pipe is a complete AC part, including the AC unit refrigerant pipe insulation outside and the copper pipe inside, it is widely used on the air conditioning installation and repair work. There are also single-type AC pipe insulation copper pipe and twin types for your choice. The pipe sizes can be from 1/4 to 2inch, but 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8,7/8 are in higher demand.

Miracle provides you 8-10 years warranty for the PE AC pipe insulation copper pipe, and Miracle promise will provide the right specifications and enough thickness and weight of the copper pipe and refrigerant line insulation according to the contract, won’t lower the AC pipe insulation and copper pipe quality in any reason. Please contact us to achieve good cooperation based on trust right now!

AC Copper Pipe Insulation

Rubber AC copper pipe insulation is also the complete AC part for connecting the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner. The difference with the above PE AC pipe insulation copper pipe is the outside insulation, this is the rubber which is made of Dingqing rubber which is made by foaming.

The size of pipe insulation foam and copper pipe, also the color is decided by your needs. Contact us with your inquiry list right now!

AC Pipe Insulation Tape

AC pipe insulation tape is an AC part that is used with the AC pipe insulation, its main feature is used for AC pipe insulation. The feature of the AC tape is waterproof and isolates the air, then prolongs the service life of the AC pipe insulation.

Miracle provides you various types and specifications of the AC pipe insulation tape, you can just provide the width, length, and color of the AC pipe insulation tape, then we can provide the best quotation. Contact us with more details now!

As we all know, ac copper pipe insulation foam raw material is one of the most important elements to make sure the high quality of the AC pipe insulation. So in this part, I want to briefly introduce the main raw material of the AC pipe insulation.

Why Miracle pipe insulation can stand at a very wide temperature, even a very higher temperature of 150°C, and fire-retardant?

It’s all because of the foamed material, we have 3 types of foamed material, we call it A, B, and M1 flame retardant. Here we explain PE material as an example.

Foamed material A is mainly used on automobile cars, air conditioning fields, etc. It uses LDPE as the pipe insulation raw material and it is grafted by the silane, so it has a very good thermal insulation feature and stands at a very higher temperature.

Foam B material is more suitable for food packaging because it is very safe, it is a complex product with catalysts and blowing agents function. What’s more, it is very corrosion resistant.

M1 flame retardant is a nano-level flame retardant additive, which has better thermal stability but low cost, more comply with the EU standards.

We supply you with all sizes of PE AC pipe insulation for you, just contact us with your order now!

Miracle has an experienced R&D and manufacturing team for AC pipe insulation and AC pipe insulation copper pipe.

Professional engineers form a reliable team for AC pipe insulation with advanced foaming assembly lines and skillful workers.

The bulk of certifications and super long cooperation relationship with Japanese and European customers, all prove Miracle is worth your trying.

Now we have built stable cooperation with Daikin, Mitsubishi, Gree, Midea, Haier, Hitachi, Fujitsu, etc international brands. Please contact us and be our next customers now!

Miracle pays attention to the development and improvement of our AC pipe insulation since we built it.

To provide high and reliable quality AC pipe insulation, we spent a lot of time and money on the test of product performance. With our continuous effort, now we have got a lot of praise and certifications.

ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

Japanese JIS-A9511

French M1 flame-retardant certification

SGS certification,

A series of other international and domestic standard certifications.

If you are the contractor or the team to take air conditioning projects, or you are the wholesaler and distributor but have the above customer, then please check this part carefully, I will show you a good increasing business based on the AC pipe insulation.

When you or your customer use the AC pipe insulation for the installation or repair of the air conditioner, you may choose welding in the normal way, but you may also have the worry how are the skills of the welder, will he finish the project in the requested time, etc.

So here I bring this crimping tool and fast connector to solve all of your worries.

With crimping tool, you don’t need to get the license for using fire at the site, no need to pay a high cost for many skillful welders, you can form a team with 1 or 2 engineers and some junior workers, just train them several minutes, they will create more value. 1 connection just needs few seconds, you can imagine how fast it is than welding.

And the welding effect will be better than welding, with less leakage rate, if your team practice well, it can fulfill zero leakage!

Check the videos and contact us to know more about the copper crimping tool and copper crimp fitting now!

Below are some photos we took for some of our projects with AC pipe insulation copper pipe, and the installation way is with our crimping tool and connectors. Those are all real estate projects that we have finished, just show you for your reference.

All the main products that are needed during the AC project, we all supply, you can check below related products, or please do not hesitate to contact us with your solution right now!

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