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Miracle refrigeration is a strong AC centrifugal manufacturer with a complete range of production and testing equipment, as well as careful laboratory procedures.

As the supplier of the widest range of AC centrifugal fans, Miracle values every step of the chain, including packaging and shipping. Miracle’s strong production capacity and innovative shipping mode will give you strong support. Contact us for close cooperation now!

Backward Curved AC Centrifugal Fan

The Backward AC curved centrifugal fan is a combination of an outer rotor motor and a plastic/aluminum impeller. The Backward AC curved centrifugal fan has its own unique advantages of low motor temperature rise and self-cooling capability for ventilation and heat dissipation, which greatly improves and extends the service life of the AC centrifugal fan.

Miracle backward AC curved centrifugal fan is a highly reliable product. If you have a need, please contact us to pick the right AC centrifugal fan for you now!

Forward Curved AC Centrifugal Fan

Forward curved centrifugal fan and backward curved centrifugal fan are fitted with different blades, the forward curved series is usually referred to as blower and the backward-curved series is usually referred to as an induced draft fan.

Miracle AC centrifugal fans are broadly used in industrial ventilation, household appliances, such as automated product cooling, high-speed trains, factory ventilation, air conditioner, etc. Call us to know more at any time!

AC Centrifugal Duct Fan

AC centrifugal duct fans are equipped with backward-curved fan blades, which have the advantage of being less noisy than forwarding curved fans and are therefore more suitable for indoor fans.

Miracle AC centrifugal duct fans are available in a wide range of applications such as clean benches, purification units, duct de-dusting, purification air conditioning systems, environmental protection, and pollution control for refrigeration equipment. Contact us to check the AC centrifugal fan for your application now!

AC Centrifugal Blower Fan

AC centrifugal blower fans are generally used with forwarding curved centrifugal fans. Due to the design angle of the fan blades of forwarding curved centrifugal fans, the AC centrifugal with worm gears are mostly used for blowers.

Different types of AC centrifugal fans with different accessories can be used in different scenarios. Contact us to get more details about AC centrifugal fan applications now!

For longer-term cooperation, we welcome you to visit our AC centrifugal fan factory at any time!

AC Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer

Miracle AC centrifugal fan manufacturer cooperates with several universities to establish a mature production study and research base. Miracle’s professional AC centrifugal fan R&D team provides more support for your customization needs of AC centrifugal fan.

Mature laboratory equipment and experimental procedures make our AC centrifugal fan tests more accurate and provide higher performance when matching the right AC centrifugal fan to your application. Contact us for life-long cooperation now!

The complete AC centrifugal fan certification is a test for the AC centrifugal fan manufacturer, it also places higher demands on the product quality and factory management system.

Miracle AC centrifugal fans have UL certification, CCC certification, CE certification, and ISO 9001 certification. These certifications ensure the reliability of Miracle’s AC centrifugal fans. Send us your bulk order now!

We work with many well-known brands of AC centrifugal fans in domestic and overseas markets and have established long-lasting relationships.

We also welcome cooperation from you from all over the world, let’s cooperate to do some business that contributes to the refrigeration industry now!

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AC Centrifugal Fan How to Do Dynamic Balance

AC Centrifugal Fan How to Do Dynamic Balance

In the new production line, various models of centrifugal fans installed capacity of the production line between 30% and 40% of the total power, to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of online AC centrifugal fans, this is very important.

In particular, serious wear of the fan impeller, resulting in unbalanced fan rotor, resulting in the entire fan amplitude increased, seriously affecting the normal operation of production.

Therefore, how to do the dynamic balancing for the fan at the construction site and remove the imbalance factors, in the years of fan maintenance management, Miracle summarized a set of effective simple diagramming methods that are used to find out the location of the impeller light point method, and add counterweight at the location of the light point, in order to clear the fan imbalance.

Method Introduction

Fan rotor to do dynamic balancing, the key is to find out the location of the impeller light point and to determine the quality of the balance block used to find the balance of the graph method, the specific steps are as follows:

(1) open the fan, stable operation, in the most reflect the fan vibration of the M point (such as the bearing seat, etc.), using a vibration meter to measure its amplitude A0, recorded after the stop

(2) the impeller before the disk (or after the disk) circumference of 3 equal parts, respectively, like 1 point, 2 points, 3 points

(3) clip the pre-made clip block P at point 1 (according to the size of the fan impeller to determine its mass, generally mp = 150 g ~ 300 g), repeat step 1, measure the amplitude of M point A1

(4) replace the position of the clamping block P to 2 and 3 points, repeat step 3, and measure the amplitude of the M point A2, A3 in turn

(5) the diagram to A0 for the radius of the circle, the center of O, the circle will be 3 equal parts, respectively, as O1 points, O2 points, O3 points; O1 as the center of the circle, A1 as the radius of the arc; O2 as the center of the circle, A2 as the radius of the arc; O3 as the center of the circle, A3 as the radius of the arc of the above three arcs are intersected at B, C, D three points

(6) for the type of BCD center O4, O4 point that is the light point, connect OO4 and extend the intersection of the circle O in O5 point, O5 point that is to add the counterweight iron block point side to get OO4 length L, then O5 point counterweight mass m with = mp × A0 /2L

(7) in the fan impeller before the disk (or after the disk) circumference to find the actual O5 point location, the counterweight m with the iron block welded firmly, so far, the centrifugal fan for balancing completed.

How the Smoothness of AC Centrifugal Fans is Achieved?

How the Smoothness of AC Centrifugal Fans is Achieved

Miracle AC centrifugal fan after so many years of development has been deep into the market, more and more industry sectors widely used, but also in exchange for applause and recognition.

Then as one of the fan types, AC centrifugal fans in helping users to achieve better ventilation purposes at the same time also often faced with the problem of conventional problems.

For example, the smoothness of the AC centrifugal fan will not always play normally, so you must pay extra attention to this point when choosing, so Miracle AC centrifugal fan in the end how to do the smoothness of this point? What are the common technical means?

AC Centrifugal fan in the use of the process, the pressure and flow generated is an important factor affecting its smoothness, so we must pay attention to the pressure and flow changes it produces when using the centrifugal fan.

Usually, the AC centrifugal fan flow will change with the AC centrifugal fan rotational speed changes, if the wider the range of pressure selection, then the choice of flow will be through the speed to meet the needs of users, as the impeller in the body of the AC centrifugal fan operation does not produce friction, then there is no need for lubrication, and the exhausted gas will not contain oil.

It can be seen that the smoothness of the AC centrifugal fan has a direct relationship with almost every component, which requires the user to safeguard the effectiveness of each component in the process of using the AC centrifugal fan to provide the most basic guarantee for the smoothness of the fan.

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