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20+ Years of History in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of different kinds of refrigeration condenser axial fan motor in China, Miracle know the domestic and overseas market very well. We have got many experiences in selecting the most suitable AC axial fan to meet your needs or your market need in a fast way.

Miracle refrigeration AC axial fan manufacturer covers a very big plant, which makes us provide you various types of axial flow fan, including AC axial fan, DC axial fan, EC axial fan, etc, the sizes of the refrigeration condenser fan motor can be from 175mm to 900mm.

Contact us directly with your AC axial fan needs or check more info on the below page!

200mm AC axial fan is the small diameter AC axial fan motor, the standard protection level of water is IP54, the voltage can be 220v/50hz and 110v/60hz. You can choose a 200mm AC axial fan motor with suction function and blowing function according to your application. 200mm AC axial fan normally has a 5pcs fan blade, and there are different grill types for your choice, flat grill or flat-concave grill are all available. Of course, if you have any special demand for the specifications detail, just contact us directly, we will custom for you!

250mm AC Axial Fan

250mm AC axial fan also uses the water-proof level IP54, the voltage can be 380v/50hz, 400v/60hz, 220v/50hz, 230v/60hz, etc, it can fulfill many markets’ needs, which we can support you AC axial fan motor business better. With so many years of experience in supplying AC axial fans to the worldwide market, Miracle provides many choices for every detail, such as the blade angle, the material of the fan blade, the connection type between the blade and rotor, etc. Contact us to get the detailed technical info of the 250mm AC axial fan right now!

300mm AC Axial Fan

300mm AC axial fan is the popular size for AC axial fan motor, which is widely used on the condenser and evaporators. IP54 is our standard protection type, if you have a higher demand for it because of the using environment, please let me know, we can custom for you. 300mm AC axial fan has the advantage is maintenance-free bearings, and high performance, high air volume. 380v/50hz, 220v/50hz, or 400v/60hz, 230v/60hz are all available for the worldwide market. Standard 300mm AC axial fan has a 5 pcs blade and you can also choose the form of the condenser fan. Contact us to get the popular type AC 300mm axial fan or custom AC axial fan motor now!

350mm AC Axial Fan

350mm AC axial fan here we mention, including diameter 315mm, 330mm, and 350mm. The insulation class is B and F, the motor pole can be 2, 4, 6, 8, the voltage can be single-phase 220v/50hz, 230v/60hz also can be 3-phase 380v/50hz, 400v/60hz. The standard AC 350mm axial fan blade is 5pcs and the shape is sickle type. Contact us to get more technical info on 350 AC axial fan motor, or design your high volume AC axial fan with our engineer team now!

400mm AC Axial Fan

400mm AC axial fan is widely used on the air-cooled condenser and air cooler of the refrigeration system. 400mm has the features of compact structure, easy installation, reliable operation, low noise, etc. You can choose the wire of the AC axial fan is 1.5m and another length, or choose the electrical wire box, if you have special demand, tell us when you place the order. The bulk of choices of voltage, speed, noise, shape, blade, etc, suction type AC axial fan motor, and blowing type AC axial fan motor are all waiting for your purchase!

450mm AC Axial Fan

450mm AC axial fan is with the metal material of the blade and grill. The voltage is on your request. Miracle AC axial fan motor adopts high-quality material, especially the good copper winding, which ensures we offer the high-performance AC axial fan as always. Contact Miracle team today.

500mm AC Axial Fan

500mm AC axial fan is a high volume needed by the market, Miracle provides you IP54 protection level, but if you need the AC axial fan to work in high humidity and harsh environment, we have our patent AC axial fan with IP56 which has a new design of the structure to meet your needs very well. Contact us with your requirements for the 500mm AC axial fan, we will provide the technical datasheet for choosing the right model, also provides the drawing and airflow curves if you need them. In a word, Miracle engineer team is here waiting for you. Contact us now!

550mm AC Axial Fan

550mm AC axial fan has 6 types of the grill and around 20 models to fit various demands from different countries. The AC axial fan motor blade can be a square shape with 6 or 7pcs, it also can be a sickle shape with 5pcs. The size and the qty of the 550mm AC axial fan can be custom according to the air volume requests or the project application. Contact us to get a reliable AC axial fan manufacturer in China now!

600mm AC Axial Fan

600mm AC axial fan has big power and air volume, usually used on some medium and big condenser and evaporator units. Miracle 600mm AC axial fan has 4 poles and 6 pole motors, all international voltage, and frequency are all workable. The number of AC 600mm axial fan blades can be 5pcs or 6pcs, the air volume can be increased with a special design. Contact our engineer to select a suitable AC axial fan for your own business now!

630mm AC Axial Fan

630mm AC axial fan is widely used on the heat exchanger of condensing units for cold room projects. As a professional supplier, Miracle can support you with 30 models with different grill types, motor poles, blades, blowing types, etc. Of course, if you want the 630mm AC axial fan with ducts, we can also design it for you. Send us your drawing with detailed requests now!

710mm AC Axial Fan

710mm AC axial fan is suitable for bigger power heat exchangers, which we normally produce with our standard type grill and grill mount with the plate. There are around 10 models which are popular in many projects, contact us to check more technical info or design your own 710 AC axial fan motor with our experiences immediately!

800mm AC Axial Fan

800mm AC axial fan is not the high quantity needed compared with 300mm-600mm AC axial fan in our company, most of the time we design it to meet customer’s requirements. Our standard 800mm AC axial fan only uses 6 pole motor, and the air volume is 25800m³/h, but the speed and air volume can be big or small after we change some design. Just send Miracle your project situation, Miracle engineer will design the most cost-effective AC axial fan motor for you!

Miracle refrigeration has the AC axial fan manufacturer plant 40000m2, which ensures we can organize our producing plants very well.

We divided different producing procedures into different plants, then we have enough space and a team to inspect the product and make sure the 100% good quality AC axial fan motor.

Besides that, a bigger AC axial fan manufacturer plant allows us to fulfill your bulk order needs in the best way.

Not only that, but we have passed ISO certification, CE certification, ROHS, CCC certification, etc. Contact Miracle Today.

AC Axial Fan Manufacturer

Miracle refrigeration has first-class production technology of AC axial fan, excellent testing equipment including air volume test room, aging room, quiet room, high and low-temperature chamber, comprehensive tester, R&D room, etc., and professional technicians.

We always pay attention to new technology and work hard to enhancement the reliability of our air conditioner condenser axial fan motor, try to become your No.1 choice for AC axial fan motor manufacturer, so we keep investing R&D funds every year to encourage our technicians to try, and now we have 10 patents+.

You can trust that Miracle is your reliable AC axial fan supplier in China!

Miracle knows that a good package is also important, one reason a good package can protect the AC axial fan along the long journey for transport, you can get the AC axial fan motor perfect on performance and appearance.

So inside of the carton box, we also put the foam board to fix and protect the AC axial fan.

The second reason is to enhance your brand image, so except the neutral packaging.

We can custom your logo and carton box. Contact us to inform your package needs at any time!

AC Axial Fan Package

Miracle AC axial fan can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning. Such as condensing units, outdoor condensing units, HVAC units, commercial refrigeration units, etc. For more applications, please contact us now.

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