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Why Forture 500 Company Trust Miracle & SUHRING

  • Over 20 years of manufacturing experience
  • Experienced and customized pipeline connection solution provider
  • 20+ patents of Lok ring tool and fittings
  • Professional laboratory and strict product testing
  • Full support on installation&training
  • Signed a contract with Hisense Hitachi Central Air Conditioner.
  • Miracle Suhring’s annual sales exceeded 45 million units.

Miracle Ring Solution

Miracle ring for HVAC system(heat pump, VRF system)

Miracle ring for refrigeration maintenance

Miracle ring for refrigeration manufacturer

Miracle ring for gas lines

Miracle ring for liquid lines


  • Miracle Ring for Air Conditioner Installation
  • Miracle Ring for Refrigerator&Freezer Repair
  • Miracle Single Ring for Production Line

All Types of Miracle Lok ring Tools
to Support Your Projects

30W Lokring Tool

30W lok ring tool is a manual tool, use for air conditioning installation work, suitable for pipe sizes from 1/4 to 7/8. Perfect design helps you with the maximum crimp force but with your minimum operating force… Read More

FRK Lokring Tool

FRK lok ring tool is one of our patent manual tools, used for refrigerator and freezer repair work, suitable for pipe size ≤8mm. It is a very small size and lightweight, flexible works in a narrow space… Read More

Electrical lokring tool

LRT electric lok ring tool is used for air conditioning installation work, suitable for pipe size from 1/4 to 1 1/8. The electric force will provide you with higher working efficiency and much easier operation… Read More

Lokring Tool for Refrigeration Lines

The hydraulic lok ring tool is specially used for refrigerator and freezer mass production lines, suitable for pipe thickness ≤2mm, and pipe size ≤1 1/8. The lok ring heads can be customized according to the single ring you need for your refrigeration system… Read More

Lokring Tool Fittings

Lok ring fittings are the core for no welding connection technology, it has copper-steel material and aluminum material for equal size and reducing sizes. The minimum size can be 1.8mm, the maximum size can be 28.6mm… Read More

Lokring Single Ring

The single ring is one type of lok ring, it is widely used for refrigerator/freezer mass production lines, and the material and the single ring size should be customized according to the connected pipes you gonna use, and 100% match for your production line to ensure safety… Read More

Miracle Values

As a professional refrigeration solution provider with a braze-free connection manufacturer in China, we have been digging in this field for more than 20 years.

Our goal is to improve the working environment of refrigeration and air conditioning contractors worldwide.

To make refrigeration and air conditioning concealed installations more efficient and safer.

Making your business easier and more profitable.

Contact us today and Miracle will provide you with the best solution for solderless connections.

Why Miracle is Trusted by Global Importers?

20 Years Experience for R&D,Manufacturing and Marketing

Miracle has more than 20 years of experience in lok ring tool and fittings, refrigeration unit manufacturing, we can supply you with various types lok ring tools and fittings, refrigeration units for your projects.

1ST Designer and Manufacturer for Lok ring Tool and Fittings in China

Miracle is the first company that starts to design lok ring tools and fittings in the early 21 century in China, now we have 20+ patents and our professional laboratory and engineer team.

Strict Inspection and Good After-sales Service

Miracle will do production inspection, quality inspection, and delivery inspection to ensure the perfect products you got, professional and passionate team will fast respond your any demand.

The Most Time-saving, Safest and Most Convenient Air Conditioning Installation Solution

Miracle is creative and uses the advanced technology “No welding connection” to replace welding, No Fire, No Dangerous Gas, No High Temperature, To Connect Your Metal Pipes Efficient.

The Most Flexible, Most Convenient Refrigerator&Freezer Repair Solution

Miracle provides you the most flexible lok ring tool to solve your problem: the inconvenient operation in narrow space and years of experienced operation in welding.

High Efficient Refrigerator&Freezer Mass Production to Reduce Your Cost

Miracle single ring is the revolution method to greatly improve mass production efficiency with the safest way and minimum labor cost, ensure your stable and high-quality products.

Who Use
Miracle Ring?


If you are an HVAC&R manufacturer, Miracle Ring will completely solve your problem of unstable quality caused by worker changes. In addition, it also has the advantages of efficient connection, safety and reliability, and reasonable price.

Refrigeration Service

Miracle Ring can help you form a professional after-sales service team to achieve on-site installation and repair. Improve customer service quality. In addition, Miracle Ring can also help you install and repair in fire-prohibited environments.

HVAC Installation Business

If you are a VRF system engineer or contractor, Miracle Ring can provide professional VRF pipe braze-free connection technology. Miracle Ring can improve your construction efficiency and reduce your project costs.

Miracle Lokring Tool Factory in Henan

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    About Miracle Refrigeration

    Miracle is a company specializing in the manufacturing, research development, and marketing of various types of solder-free connection technology with lok ring tools and fittings, and evaporator units, air-cooled condensers, condensing units for your cooling or freezing requests of the cold room, air conditioning, refrigerator, freezers, etc, for more than 20 years, no matter for the complete unit or the refrigeration parts. On this ground, we devoted ourselves to providing a one-stop solution for you.

    For the past 20 years, Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd has expanded our business in 34 provinces of China and more than 50 countries worldwide. We also have a good reputation with our customers, like Daikin, Gree, Midea, Samsung, LG, etc. Miracle concerns the quality and service of our product very well. We are an ISO9001-certified factory and have 20+ patents for now.

    Can you introduce Miracle Refrigeration a little for me?

    20 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing.

    Miracle is a refrigeration supplier that specialized in R&D, manufacturing, and sales for refrigeration equipment and refrigeration spare parts. With 20 years of experience in providing solutions to the domestic market and overseas market, we have the ability to be your strongest support for refrigeration solutions and provide design the most suitable and high-quality products for you.

    Miracle is your one-stop supplier for refrigeration products.

    Miracle refrigeration can provide you the complete solution for a refrigeration system, almost all the refrigeration products you need, no matter you want to do a cooling project for a supermarket, hotel, or cold rooms, or you want a reliable supplier for all the spare parts for the whole systems, like AC parts, refrigerant unit parts or refrigerator, freezer parts. You find us, you find everything for HVAC and refrigeration.

    Miracle is an expert in the domestic market and overseas market.

    We know what kind of product is best for you, so we will recommend a new product to complete your product line and get you more profit.

    Miracle’s aim is to make your business simple.

    We are not just providing the required products to you, we also devoted ourselves to solve the difficulties for installation and repair work, that’s how the solder-free connection technology comes out. And now we have the patents in China and the USA for this high-tech technology, I believe it will make your business competitive.

    Miracle has a better after-sales service.

    For every refrigeration spare part, you buy from us, we will responsible for it, especially for quality problems. And we are on our way to set up our own service team in different countries to help you more conveniently.

    Miracle has a strict inspection procedure before sending goods to you.

    Our QC team will inspect all the production procedures during the production line, take photos or videos before the goods are sent to our finished products warehouse. When we send the goods to you, we will do the second inspection during our loading period.

    We are on our way to provide a convenient and professional service for you, building the service team in different countries. In the meantime, Miracle provides customized products to meet your demands.

    Miracle is still working on providing customers the most quality and competitive products, our aim is to do more and better to help you to make your business simple. You find us, you find the most suitable solution for refrigeration.

    What is solder-free technology ?

    Solder-free technology is a new connection method for metal pipes, especially for copper pipes, aluminum pipes in a refrigeration system. It widely uses to replace traditional welding which has a very high demand for connection. Solder-free technology’s features are no fire, no dangerous gas, no big equipment, no experienced worker required, safer, and high efficiency to connect the metal pipes.

    What is the application for no welding connection technology?

    Now no welding connection technology is widely used for central air conditioning installation, like VRF, VRV refrigeration system, and the repair for refrigerator and freezers, the production line for refrigerators. It also uses for condensing units, water pipes, and other metal pipes connections.

    What kind of refrigeration products Miracle supply ?

    Miracle is the refrigeration supplier leader in China, we provide the commercial refrigeration solution, include the evaporator and condenser, condensing unit for your projects, the refrigeration parts for the refrigeration system you may need, and the new technology with no welding connection for installation and repair work.

    What kind of evaporator and condenser Miracle provide?

    As a professional refrigeration supplier, we manufacturer different types of evaporators and condensers, include the most popular ceiling type DD, DL, DJ evaporator, Dual discharge evaporator,small-sized evaporator, NH condenser, V type, U type, and W type condensers. We can also customize the evaporator and condenser for you.

    What kind of condensing units does Miracle provide?

    Miracle is the condensing unit supplier in China, we manufacturer the box type, open type, and rack unit condensing unit with Scroll compressor, hermetic/semi-hermetic compressor, screw compressor, rotary compressor, apply for cold room, air conditioning, refrigerator, and freezers. In a word, miracle provides the air-cooled and water-cooled condensing unit for a commercial refrigeration system.

    What kind of refrigeration parts Miracle provide?

    Miracle is the refrigeration supplier for providing the complete solution for you. So except for the refrigeration equipment, we also provide almost all the spare parts for commercial refrigeration cold room, air conditioning, refrigerator, and freezer. The refrigeration parts include filter drier, oil separator, accumulator, liquid receiver, expansion valve, solenoid valve and other valves, controllers, manifolds, fan motor and the parts for installation and repairing, lok ring tool and lok ring fitting for no welding connection, tube cutter, reamer, tube bender, vacuum pump, etc. Our aim is to be your one-stop refrigeration supplier in China, we do more to save your time and make your business simple.

    Can you do customized products for us?

    Yes, we do. Miracle has a professional R&D team that has more than 20 years of experience in design and production for refrigeration products, and we do projects by our own team for the domestic market and overseas market, so we have enough ability to provide you the customized refrigeration products for you.

    Can you arrange the delivery for refrigeration products to our port?

    Miracle works with a professional freight forwarder, can make sure you get the goods with the cheapest shipping cost and fast way, they will deal with all the shipment things, includes the clearance.

    What Products of Miracle&Suhring Manufacturer?

    Miracle manufactures a full line of braze-free products including braze-free HVAC fittings, braze-free refrigeration fittings, and single rings.

    With advanced production equipment and various testing and research equipment. Miracle keeps improving to provide you with the most suitable customized braze-free solution for your project.

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