8 Tips for Cold Room Panel

Miracle insists make our products more comprehensive and complete in front of you. Miracle starts from the whole, filters the risks of the Miracle freezer panels during transportation.

Miracle minimizes the possibility of damage to the cold room panels during transportation to escort your business.

Here are details of the Miracle Freezer during transportation that needs to focus on. Miracle is doing its best to the security of your cold room panel. Your cold room order means is crucial to Miracle. We want to be your sincerest friend.

How to Get Miracle Cold Room Panels Safely

How to Get Miracle Cold Room Panels Safely

Have you ever been in such a situation? For example, the panels weren’t perfect because the package of the cold room panels which you received wasn’t complete but scratched during transportation.

Have you ever encountered this kind of situation that the package of the cold room panels was too complicated to deal with, which took you a long time?

Have you ever had a case that the package of the cold room panels that was so damaged when loading and uploading violently that the refrigeration performance and heat preservation of the panels were declined?

Miracle Provides Solutions to Solve All of Your Cold Room Panels Concerns!

Miracle Provides Solutions to Solve All of Your Cold Room Panels Concerns

The heat-insulating property of the cold room is accomplished by installing cold room panels and it can also make the cold room achieve the refrigeration effect. . The cold room panels keep their function mainly by producing, checking, transporting, and preserving.

Before delivery, Miracle wraps the cold room panels with a protective film, All four corners will be protected again with a protective film to make sure the protection effect better.

Miracle freezer panels are special materials not only used for food freezing and refrigeration but also used to remain at a certain low temperature.

To reduce the heat input, there is a certain thickness of the moisture-proof layer and thermal insulation layer on the floor, wall, and roof of the freezer room.

To reduce the absorption of solar radiation heat, the exterior wall surface of cold room panels is generally painted as white or light colors.

If the white colors cold room panels getting to your cold room project location, found has to damage.

It will greatly reduce the beauty of the cold room panels. When transporting the cold room panels, Miracle selects the vehicle logistics.

The whole vehicle logistics save the links of changing in the middle of transportation. There is no need to move the cold room panels during the whole transportation process.

Miracle Cold Room Panels provides door-to-door service, this can greatly reduce the damage to the cold room panels.

3.When delivering, Miracle will send 1-2 extra panels as spare to prevent the damage of the cold room panels caused by the sudden situation and affect the installation use of the whole cold room.

Miracle production line adopts automatic packaging, manufacturing technics of the production line.

Automatic packaging for the cold room panels is more strict. It can effectively prevent water instruction during transportation. At the same time, the four 90 degrees 5mm thick paper angle is added to the cold room panels by Miracle.

Make sure the cold room panels are safe from collisions and scratches during transportation. Maximum protection of the cold room panels is made by Miracle.

Miracle Cold Room Panels Loading Safely

Miracle Cold Room Panels Packing Safely

The products are carefully packed with film according to the demand of customers before leaving the factory to avoid damage during transportation.

Transport vehicles must be in good condition, the bottom of the vehicles should be flat and tidy.

The bottom panel faces down, precisely extruded, dense.to prevent products from extrusion deformation, abrasion, and other damage during transportation.

The binding rope or strap shall not be in direct contact with the panels at the corner. The binding belt and the corner of the product must be padded with a splint for edge protection. Attention is paid to the binding strength to prevent the product from edge deformation.

After loading the product, the driver should check to ensure that both sides of the vehicle are balanced. No obvious deflection is allowed.

Effective rain and snow prevention measures should be taken for loading on rainy and snowy days.

Miracle Cold Room Panels Transport Safely

Miracle Cold Room Panels Transport Safely

In the process of cold room panel transportation, it is necessary to drive on the solid and flat road surface as much as keep a smooth-ride.

It is strictly forbidden to start the vehicle at extreme speed in the process of transporting cold storage panels, fierce braking, or sharp turns are allowed. Slow down in cases of uphill, downhill, and sharp turns during transportation.

During long-distance cold room panel transportation, the condition of the cold room panel should be inspected from time to time. In case of any abnormality, measures shall be taken to correct the Miracle cold room panel in time to avoid accidents.

Compression of the cold room panels or any mechanical damage shall be avoided and keep away from open flames.

Miracle Cold Room Panels Unloading Safely

Miracle Cold Room Panels Unloading Safely

When the product arrives, the quality, length, and damage of the product should be checked.

If any damage is found, please mark the receipt, ask the driver to sign, provide damage instructions.

Unloading should be on solid and flat ground, special machinery should be used for unloading.

The tool surface in direct contact with the panels shall be covered with a cushion layer to avoid damage.

Miracle Cold Room Panels Manual Handling Safely

Miracle Cold Room Panels Manual Handling Safely

Manual unloading and handling

Wear protective gloves to avoid damage on the surface of the cold room panel and ensure safety.

Handle gently. Lift the bottom with both hands. Do not lift the top panel separately. Avoid tearing the panels. No dragging. Avoid abrasion and scratch the panel surface. Avoid bending of panels. Otherwise, the internal filling material of the panels will be broken and deformation of the surface of the Miracle freezer panels will be found.

Miracle Cold Room Panels Stacking Safely

Miracle Cold Room Panels Stacking Safely

The cold room panels are important parts of cold room construction. The selection and use of the cold room panels are very important for daily storage. The cold room panels should be properly stored to keep a good use effect.

Products should be stored away from open fire and do not contact with chemicals.

Miracle cold room panel should be stored in a dark and ventilated place. Avoid sun exposure and take appropriate protection measures. Ensure that the cold storage panels are not damaged.

The products should be stored on solid and flat ground. The bottom shall be paved with soft cushion blocks. The Cold room panel bottom spacing between cushion blocks should be less than 1.5m. Wooden pads are not acceptable.

Bulk stacking shall not be higher than 1.5m.

Obvious signs shall be set around the Miracle cold room panels stack to avoid injury and damage. No heavy objects on the Miracle cold room panels to avoid scratching the panels. No trampling.

Outdoor storage shall not exceed 2 months. Otherwise, it will affect the quality and appearance of the panels.

The stacking of Miracle cold room panels should have a slope. It will be easy to drain water.

The plastic film at both ends of the stack should be removed to air the Miracle cold room panels. In addition, the whole Miracle freezer panel stack shall be covered with a waterproof cloth.

The stacking place should be flat, free of water, clean, and dry. Especially composite Rockwool panels can not be watered.

Try not to stack more than two bags on-site and no more than 30 days to avoid damage to the panels.

Winter Construction Tips for Cold Room Panels

Winter Construction Tips for Cold Room Panels

Polyurethane insulation in winter construction generally has no big impact. However, when the temperature is low, the foamed polyurethane presents the appearance of honeycomb cotton wadding, uneven foaming, very poor adhesion with the wall. There are risks of falling off, cold energy loss, poor heat preservation effect later.

Therefore, if you install the cold room panels in places with low temperatures in winter. Miracle reminds you the following should be noted.

The temperature changes greatly in winter. Pay attention to the weather and temperature variation. If it rains, snows or cooling occurs, stop constructing.

During construction, the temperature should be above 5℃, maintain the air circulation in a construction environment. try not to construct at low temperature.

Pay attention to the storage conditions of materials used on site. The storage temperature of all materials shall not be lower than 5℃.

It should be placed indoors and covered with a cotton blanket to improve the storage temperature. All Miracle cold room construction materials should be dry storage.

In view of low temperature, the weather dry, security threat in winter construction,  manage to construct civilly, produce safely and always keep warm.

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